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This is the time of the year when we are waving ‘BYEs’ to the old things and extending hands to ‘Welcome’ new things, new year, new opportunities with warm arms open wide. This is the time of the year when we are buying new calendars and planners to make new plans for the New Year. And a perfect way to welcome the year 2020 for a digital marketer is finding out the new trends and digital fashion that will work for your client as well as for you in the coming year 2020.

Being the digital marketer, you should be always aware of the new trends in the market and you should move your actions with the pace that industry is taking steps. You should be updated with the trends running in the market so as to make successful digital marketing strategies for the client and for yourself as well. And believe me, the digital media industry is moving fast every passing minute; if you are losing on this, you are at great loose, already.

In 2019, the digital marketing trends like Omni-channel marketing, AI, AR-VR, Chatbots, personalization, video marketing, advanced SEO have been followed. But due to some reasons, the trends in 2019 went little off and didn’t turn out the way they were expected to be. Yet some of the trends turned out to be very useful, for example, the Search Engine Marketing and the social media advertising, in 2019 were getting operated on a programmed algorithm and so it was working better and gave good results than the last two years, 2017 and 2018.

Now discussing the trends that will be taking over the whole industry of digital marketing and the related fields around in the coming year 2020 is essential. So without wasting any time, let’s find out the trends that are expected to make a great difference in the coming year 2020.

New trends you ask?

Most of the times this happens that when you are surfing on Facebook or Instagram and you see ads from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc., showing the products that you viewed some time back. And then most of us tend to click on the ad and go to that website to buy the product, don’t we?

This is going to be the new cool in 2020, that when you will be seeing the ads almost everywhere on your screen where you are using social media. The advertising of your product on social media platforms and then attracting potential buyers from almost every available platform. 

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Influencer Marketing

In the year 2019 people in digital marketing were experimenting with influencer marketing with large figures. And the influencers having a good number of followers and subscribers were preferred for the marketing of the product or for branding purposes. However, it worked out good for 2019.

But now the game has been changed, in the year 2020, there is a concept in influencer marketing called, mini-influencer marketing, going to boom up. This does mean that the influencers having not having millions of followers or followers with some thousands will also be getting the chance to make the business and career in the marketing industry.

This will help both the brand and the influencer in a way that the brand had to spend a minimum amount on the mini-influencer than they need to spend on the full-fledged influencers having followers in millions.

The only challenge that remains in this is choosing the influencer. Because now that influencer marketing is going to work at a micro-level; choosing the influencer of the wrong niche will affect the outcome of your brand campaign.

Streaming videos Advertisement

Since the apps and websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime are entered the market, the ever-loved medium of binge-watching videos is ruling the digital world like never before. This will be giving good business even in 2020, as it did perform well in the year 2019 as well.

Along with mentioning these two platforms, all the other platforms like Voot, Hotstar, MX Player, Eros Now, etc are helping the same way and leveraging the audience of all the age group accordingly the platform and according to the video series, the advertisement can target the audience that is expected.

Story Telling

Until the year 2019, content marketing was only limited to blogs, articles, listicles, etc. But now in 2020, there is a whole lot of different story to spill out.

The content marketing will be done in a whole different way in the coming year 2020. Such as polls and quizzes and a lot of videos indulged with the interactive sessions, in the form of storytelling.  This will be making people interact and the content will be more entertained broadly.

This usually comes in content marketing, but the new year is going to make new perspectives and going to give rise to new concepts. Behind the concept of storytelling is every one of us, no matter at what age we are at, like to listen to the stories and we tend to give more attention when the story is being told.

This, indeed will make good interaction with people and make people take part in your campaigns. So it seems to be the most trending marketing technique for 2020.

Advancement in Technology

The year 2020 is promising high technology along with the speed of the internet. High-speed internet 5G is probably coming in the year 2020. This will enable people to access YouTube and stream videos at a faster speed than that of now on 4G.

Also, AI technology demands the high speed of the internet to work properly on big platforms.

And the voice search technology that we all are accepting, like Alexa, Google, Siri, Cortana needs the seamless connection of high-speed internet.

Native Advertisement

A native ad is in simple words means a local advertisement. This is useful when a local business is meant to catch the big fish in the sea. People came to know about this in news articles and recommendations and that’s why there is no such paid activity for it yet.

But 2020 is suspected to bring the big market for the local businesses as well.

Conclusion for 2019

All of these together are expected to change the scenario of digital marketing for the coming year 2020 and more amazing things and so many success is to see in the coming year. So this is just to bring you the insights, to give you colors to print on the blank canvas of digital marketing. The next articles will be explaining more detailed about the trends mentioned above for 2020. 


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