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We are evolving as human beings, in terms of mental and emotional way, constantly. Also, we are evolving in terms of technology every day. From a business perspective, we happen to sell or market our product or service to customers so easily, but when it comes to the marketing of B2B, it turns a little hard and seems impossible at a point.

As there are different aspects you need to take care of when you are marketing the product or the service to another business. It practically is hard to have the exact understanding of the need of the other businesses through one perspective. So it’s important to have different perspectives and a wide range of correct efforts.

But the features provided by the Social Networking platforms like LinkedIn, it has become easy to understand and play accordingly.

B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn

B2B Lead generation basically has two types of leads to be generated, one is ‘Marketing Lead’ and another one is ‘Sales Lead’. And according to the experts in the field, the lead generation could be as simple as getting an inquiry for the product or the service. In simple words, it is put as the initiation for customer interest.   

So when you are looking for the lead generation in B2B marketing on LinkedIn, you are going to get across so many tools and features by the platform and ultimately that’s going to help you to filter all the non-required names and give you the funneled list of your target that you are looking for.

This is the hardest task when it comes to B2B marketing as there the people who are involved in the decision-making are not one or two. There is a whole hierarchy of people and posts who are actively involved in taking the decisions. And definitely, it takes time to blend in with all the people who are involved into one ecosystem of B2B.

Most popular ways for Lead generation in B2B

The most popular ways that people choose while opting for the B2B connections are like webinars, e-Books, Live demos, blogs and etc.

And on taking this to a big social level, the paid and unpaid features of LinkedIn help in various ways.

Let’s have look on some of them one by one.

Sales Navigator of LinkedIn

The advanced sales tools that help sales teams, organizations and even individuals to build the customer base relations network. This enhances the performance regarding the sales and boost in leads. This is exclusively used for the purpose of the sales and it is been set in that sort of way regarding the features provided by it.

With making the right use of the LinkedIn Sales Navigators, the users can reach the targeted customers by the filtering feature of it. This also provides actionable information and insights as well as for analytics for a deeper understanding of the prospects. In this way, you can engage at a more personal level by offering personalized content. The Sale Navigator of LinkedIn has the facility to keep the personal and professional brands separate so that easily focus on different things at the same time.

Overview and benefit of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  1. Extended Network.
  2. Real-Time Updates.
  3. Direct Communications.
  4. Engaging Content.

Execution of Sales Navigator of LinkedIn in Short

You are leveraged to send a certain number of emails to people you are not even connected with. So that you can reach to them with all the formal ways. This is One-to-One communication between the people funneled out for you from the filters and criteria set by you.

Lead generation advertising by LinkedIn.

Here you have large access to the mass but that too in the focused way. You have the following things to get to generate the lead in the unpaid sort of way.

  •       Lead Generation Forms.
  •       Sponsored Emails.
  •       Sponsored Text Images.

So what comes in this exactly is, in the Lead Generation form you send the link to the people and get the basic information filled like Name, Company name, Email id, Contact number, etc. And you can contact back to them as you have a bunch of data of potential customers.

In the sponsored Emails, you can customize the emails mentioning the name of the person, the company name that you are talking to and things like that. So that it gives the classic personal touch to the email and it works its magic.

Sponsored Inmails is formatted as-

 Hi (Firstname), I find (Companyname) very interesting and so on and so forth…

 The sponsored text images and messages work like any other social media post that we post for information or for the lead generation. It could be as simple as wishing your audience the ‘Happy New Year’ or ‘Happy Diwali’ or anything which can bring the engagement as well.

 This trail is unpaid and it goes One-to-One communication. It is more focused on your TG rather than the suggestions or chart analysis.

 Apart from this.

We are provided with the facilities by LinkedIn apart from the Sales Navigator, the blogging feature of LinkedIn called LinkedIn Pulse. Here you can write blogs about the trending subjects and according to your TG, According to your audience, etc.

All these paid and unpaid tools are helping you directly or indirectly to make the business network wider and get the B2B customers for your business.

 Let us know how this article did help you with getting a clear idea of the B2B lead generation through LinkedIn and Stay tuned for more such articles.




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