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Health & Welness segment is also not untouched with the technological advancements. With new fitness apps, fitness portals and social networking element; it has opened up a new virtual world of connected fitness freak with more exposure to fitness resources. Gyms/Clubs and Health Trainers are using the technology to better train & monitor the activities of the trainees. The virtual world has also opened up new avenues for reaching out to a global fitness audience with social media & other digital technologies. We work with you at every step to understand and ensure your strategy is fused with the new media and technology platforms to create an excellent user experience and increase sales. In addition, we provide you with custom reporting as per quantitative and qualitative data at each step to help you in your decision-making process.

Stats says that majority of people like to work out with their friends in real or virtual environment

Digital marketing services for health & fitness businesses

Last few years have seen a severe growth in the health and fitness industry and to match your business’ pace with it, you need the right marketing mediums.

With a range of marketing channels there for health and fitness brands, you can easily get more business and expand it eventually.

With SocialChamps, you get the whole range of digital online promotional services, namely:

  1. Social media marketing for your clubs, gyms, healthcare centres.
  2. Social media campaign for health & fitness
  3. Inbound marketing strategy for health & fitness
  4. SEO for fitness and healthcare businesses
  5. Lead generation & lead nurturing services
  6. Marketing automation services for health & fitness

Wondering what comes under these titles? 

We take your workouts on a digital floor in a few simple steps…

While actual gyms and healthcare centres aren’t moving anywhere else, the number of people availing the services is decreasing due to lack of reach. Now, this reach is affected due to the poor efforts taken to market their business by the owners. 

People are busy with their work, leisure and ignoring fitness due to the faster life. If you are really going to help them achieve good fitness goals and reshape the physical exercises and fitness mantra, we provide you with the right digital marketing strategy which will act as a magnet for your business and you will see the results starting from increased footfall, increased leads, increased business and increased profits.

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It all starts with an analysis

A good marketing strategy is developed with the help of the right study. We analyze your current business structure and suggest a crafted plan for your business.

Analysis deals with the study of your competitors, your mission statement, your branding, and most importantly, your online presence.

We mould your online presence which portraits your business with a different approach which will be caught by the right audience at the right time and place.

The online branding starts with two important things,

  1. Your website
  2. Your social media presence

Most people are engaged in with the social media channels which help them get the information, entertainment and sometimes the products and services they have been looking which will make their lives easier and healthier. 

What if you target them on the platforms where they spend most of the time?

We create your brand’s social media pages and maintain them regularly with the right and engaging content which creates interest in your users’ minds.

To get more and faster results, we take action with the social media advertising for your health and fitness brands which target the audiences or customers from specific interest groups and age groups.

Target your audience as per their convenience. These people fall in categories like fitness enthusiasts, professional bodybuilders and many more.

You need a website where your customers could land and fill their details so that you can contact them to offer your services and products. With the help of our creative heads, we offer you a beautiful and informative website that will have an easy to access, explore, a lot of graphical content, explaining your business and giving them the freedom to contact you in different ways.

After a website, we also couple it with proven SEO strategies to promote your website on search engines. SEO will benefit your business when your potential customers use specific keywords to find the services you are offering.

The digital marketing strategy for your health and fitness brand is more than just a website, social media pages and bringing you more leads; it’s about making your brand different from the competition and makes it sustainable for the future.

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Your web presence is almost equivalent to your physical presence of Gym/Fitness club. It is the first and critical step to build the digital growth plan. Fitness enthusiasts are now moving with the new technological trends; they look out for more information, rich resources, online instructors/assistance, view at the Gym’s infra online before visiting it.

To give wings to your brand and to let it fly higher; right media buying and planning is critical. Based on your fitness regimes, expected registrations to gym; we plan your media portfolio. Spends are done by mapping the users’ digital journey and understand the various touch points. We have a team of certified professionals and we are also an official ‘Google Partner’ agency. We carry strong expertise in digital media planning.

Reaching out to health/fitness influencers can really increase your brands’ acceptance. With the evolution of social media, a lot of virtual celebrities have been emerging with a huge following on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Such influencers can really help your health/fitness brand to reach out to a larger audience with minimal investment.
We do offer influencers outreach services to reach out to such influencers and leverage their network.

The decisions to join your Gym/Club or to buy your health supplements; users are very cautious while choosing the right fit. Well thought brand communication to win users’ attention is a key. The reliance on user feedback, testimonials or their even the fan following of certain brands certainly influence the buyers decision positively.
We help you plan a successful branding strategy to build a robust brand and engaging community.

If you are Gym or Fitness club, you need to ensure that your customers are able to find you in defined pincodes. We do local marketing which includes set of activities like listing your business on Google, local search engine optimization by building local citations. This ensures higher ranking for your gym in google search results.

Online reviews of User feedbacks on forums can be a game changer. Health and Fitness are sensitive areas and users are quite cautious while taking decisions. It certainly is influenced a lot by user feedback about your brand/products/services. Hence social listening and ORM is essentially a critical element for Health & Fitness brands. We actively monitor your brands mention across the web; be it social media, forums, blogs or other such channels.

If you don’t need complete funnel management

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If you need to execute a dead task as we are a crazy bunch of 45+ inquisitive & challenge hungry minds!

If you are not looking for a dedicated team

If you are wary of precise ad targeting for quality leads

If you are apprehensive about our creative side

If you don’t wish to boost your sales in minimal spent

If you are willing to spend more for obtaining a lead

Have an interesting project instead?

Don’t Hire Us!

If you need to execute a dead task as we are a crazy bunch of 45+ inquisitive & challenge hungry minds!

If you don’t need complete funnel management

If you are not looking for a dedicated team

If you are wary of precise ad targeting for quality leads

If you are apprehensive about our creative side

If you don’t wish to boost your sales in minimal spent

If you are willing to spend more for obtaining a lead

Have an interesting project instead?

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