Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services are ROI obsessed and data driven activity. We put a lot of emphasis on understanding the revenue model and how the search behaviour of users is really impacting it. A robust solution with an understanding of how search algorithm works, the technical nuances for your web structure and set of activities which drives the results.

Food if cooked well is easy to digest and served well increases the hunger. Same applies to your website; if it is SEO optimised its easy for search engine to interpret and if made responsive increase the user response to it.
For any business which could sense the users’ ‘SEARCH BEHAVIOUR’ as a part of the client acquisition journey; it is must for them to go for Search Engine Optimization Services. SEO requires focus, consistent efforts and some patience to reap the benefits of efforts.

Search Engine Optimisation often called as SEO is a gradual process to make your site friendly from Search Engines’ perspective and to increase its ranking in search results for relevant keywords.

Approach to Successful
Search Engine Optimization Strategy

There is no set pattern for SEO activities for all business. Winning SEO Strategy is driven by below 3 steps:

We put a lot of emphasis to get detailed briefing from client. As it is the foundation of our plan towards a winning SEO strategy. We try to get to the core of your business and understand your sales channel, user behaviour, the factors which influence buying decision and much more.

Website without On-Page optimization is like a full page ad with a poor copy & visuals. With businesses’ moving towards ‘Digital-first’ strategy, On-page optimization is a critical element. Search engines take many factors into consideration like right tags, responsiveness, load times and much more. An expert can guide you to follow best practices.

Off-page optimization helps in boosting the search results and traffic. Optimized backlinks, Social Signals, Local Citation, Content syndication are a few of the activities. Link-building is one of the key factors among 200 other such factors which Google takes it into consideration while deciding your rank against competitors.

Search Engine Optimisation Activities

There are many activities which are part of our SEO Services, a few are listed as below:

Extensive Keyword Research

Website SEO Audit

Page Titles Formatting

Meta Descriptions Updates

URLs restructuring

Reputation Management

Webmaster Setup & Analysis

Overall Content Strategy

Back Linking


Articles Submission

Redirections & 404 Error Issues

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