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With an experience of serving over 400 brands from varied nature like start-ups, local businesses,
MNC’s and even fortune 500 businesses of different industries. We consult businesses right from planning the social media roadmap, defining the KPI’s to helping them in detailed social media audit for inhouse activities.

We are driven by data & inspired by creativity. We help brands in drafting a growth plan by doing a depth research about brands current standings, audience persona, objectives and trends analysis. We are strong believers of defining the measurement KPI’s before planning/executing any growth campaign.
At times we are also approached by brands to review their existing agencies work & understand if the current work is at par in terms of content strategy, visual standards, analytics configuration and KPI’s measurement.

Social media consultancy is often desired by brands who are foraying into digital marketing Or by those who are investing heavily to review the efforts & investment.

Our Approach to
Social Media Consulting

Our Social Media Consultancy is a structured 3 step process.

We do in-depth brainstorming with your marketing heads to understand the brands essence & objectives, target geographies, audience persona, decision influencing factors etc. If any previous promotions/activities were done in-house/or by other agencies; we do a depth audit to suggest the positives and improvements.

Once we are thorough with your brands objectives & audience; we define a road map to achieve the defined objectives. The road map consists of content calendars, advertising strategies, user engagement tactics, performance enhancing tips, insights based on competitors research, resource allocation and tools recommendations.

Like any good business, your social media roadmap should have measurable goals. We give recommendations with respect to analytical tools, standard practices for measuring KPI’s, reporting formats etc.

With the ever-growing digital penetration, social media is becoming an essential tool in the marketers’ jukebox. Here is our 12 step approach by which our clients call us the unbeatable social media marketing consultant.

Extensive Competition Research

No matter what kind of business is, everyone faces competition. Doing in-depth research on competitors’ digital strategy which means content strategy, their advertising approach, social media campaigns to understand what is driving their growth on digital. We help you discover who your competitors are and how to defeat them playfully.

Detailed Audit of Previous Activities

You might be handling your own social media without any help from a social media marketing consultant. What happened stays in the past. We do a deep audit of your historical performance to better plan future campaigns. The audit aims at finding the potential opportunities, previous conversion ratios, website performance & lags, quick remedies etc

Content Strategy & Calendars

Social media is all about interesting and engaging content. With our social media marketing consultancy services, we guide you for a robust content strategy which will drive more audience and prospects to your brand and engage in your brand creating more footfalls, sales and enquiries. We help you create a customized social media calendar according to your brand persona.

Social Media Advertising

Unlike Google ads, social media advertising is driven by user personas & behaviour. We do extensive research to define customer persona & customer journey. Based upon which social media advertising plans are drafted. Every social media wizard in our agency takes a part to provide the best social networking consultancy in Pune helping is to derive a full-proof strategy for your brand.

Campaign Recommendation

We offer a full menu when it takes to tackle the creativity challenge. Our social media consultants boost your brand’s online presence on a daily basis with our social media campaign running across different channels.

User Engagement Tactics

Social media marketing is not just about posting photos and information about your products and services. We deploy posts and content around your brand which will engage your customers and create respect and long-time relation with your brand.

Tools Recommendation

To soften the process, social media management takes help of tools and tactics. We assist you to choose the right tool for your business which will handle every platform that suits your business. 

KPI’s Planning

There are many metrics above your fans, followers and ‘like’ counts involved in the social media KPIs. We help you determine the execution of your social media campaigns. Track your ROI with KPIs you should focus on.

Channels & Digital Marketing Mix Recommendation

Not every platform will work for your brand. Every brand has a different set of challenges and needs when we talk about the digital marketing mix. We recommend you with the right platform and channel which will give you perfect results.

Analytics Configuration

Analyzing and tracking your social media performance just gets easier with our social media marketing consultancy plans. Configuring analytics and reporting tools is easy with SocialChamps.

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

When you provide us with the contract to handle your social media, you get free weekly or monthly reports on the progress we are on. Our reports are curated with the format you can easily understand and track our performance on your brand’s progress.

Crisis Management

Crisis may happen, but we should be well prepared to handle the situation. Here, our crisis management will take help from you and resolve the issue happening online quickly. 

Get in touch with our social media marketing consultant and be a superhero on social media for your business category.

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