Influencer Outreach Services; what can it do for your business?

Influencer marketing is a vital part of digital marketing. To give you a clear picture, people are much more likely to act on a social media influencer’s opinion, than act on something they read in an advertisement.

Online reputation and influencer marketing services
We offer influencer marketing for global and national campaigns as a way to activate a pool of audience about your brand, through authentic recommendations from influencer marketing.

We help businesses get in touch with online influencers, and use their reach to grow brand awareness for businesses in F&B, fitness, events, retail, finance, tech and more.

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Dreaming up awesome content for

As your influencer advertising outreach platform we are committed to generating awesome value driven content that influencers will use to promote your brand.

Find the right influencers for your brand

To ensure that your influencer marketing reaches the right segment of consumers, we act as your influencer outreach partner. We connect with relevant influencers that have a strong presence in your domain, and are opinion creators that your customers trust. We offer these influencers support with content, scripting, knowledge sharing and concepts so that they give your brand the boost it needs.

Our specialist team

The left hemisphere of our office in Pune, India is our staff of creative designers and copywriters. The right hemisphere is our team of data scientists and analysts. Together we are a network that monitors your digital advertising and manages its performance for the best possible results. Besides this we have developers, producers, project managers, writers, marketing strategists and researchers to serve your digital brand.

Activities part of influencers outreach services

There are multiple activities which are part of our influencers outreach services. Here are a few listed for your reference:

Identify the right influencers for your niche

Need to know the right influencer for your brand? Leave it to us. We help you find influencers with the reach you need, to promote your brand online.

Content creation for influencers

We take creative control of your influencer campaign. We create online content for influencers like blogs, videos, reviews and more, to promote your brand on the online spectrum. We create quality content that adds value to your brand presence online, hence creating more followers.

Collaboration and onboarding process

We help you collaborate with top influencers by using our PR team to connect with the most relevant influencers in your niche suiting to your budgets and expectations. We onboard influencers by briefing them about the brand and the goals to be attained.

Influencer campaign monitoring and control

We monitor KPIs and analyse the success of your influencer campaigns to ensure that your budget is getting the ROI it deserves. We analyze the engagement of the audience and monitor your campaign performance.

Partner with us

SocialChamps is a leading digital agency with offices in India and California, having served 450+ clients in over 20 countries. We’ve worked with numerous real estate brands in South Asia and the USA. As a digital marketing agency, we offer dedicated staff verticals for companies looking to engage in market strategies, digital auditing, digital marketing campaigns, and development services in the real estate market, banking, hospitality market, and more.

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