Email marketing is making significant moves in digital marketing while other platforms are also making good moves. However, email marketing is preferred to give that personal touch to the message. The relevance of email marketing is widespread in the industries as ever, although it’s constantly changing, adjusting and adapting to the new technology. So the email marketing trends are important to understand in favor of making good movies in the future.

According to Marketo’s estimation, 94% of the people do check their emails as the first activity of theirs on the internet. Email marketing has the power to make through the barriers of culture, generation, and class. The effectiveness of email marketing lies in the ROI it offers to marketers.

247 billion emails were sent per day in 2010 when Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg declared that it was an end of emails. However, in 2020 is estimated to send 307 billion emails per day. So many sharp ups and downs have been seen by the last decade through all the social media and audio-visual channels, yet emailing managed to stay the mainstay.

The following trends are the four important trends in email marketing that are going to get huge in the coming year 2020. This applies to both B2B marketing industries and B2C marketing industries as well.

  1. User-Generated Content.
  2. Responsive interactivity.
  3. Accessibility.
  4. Automation.

User-Generated Content.

User-generated content is any form of the content generated like text, images, audio, video, which could be anything by the end-user of the product. Like other marketing channels, we see across the social platforms the user-generated content drives the engagement among the same type of audience and it helps the brand endorsement happens through it. Encouraging and motivating your audience to do so via email marketing keeps the authenticity of the honest review and improves the direct conversion rate.

On these online shopping platforms, when people come to buy a product on any site, what do they look for immediately after the product description is the reactions and reviews uploaded by the people who have used it in the past?  Research shows that 70% of the people will see the ratings and reviews of the product before making a buying decision. And in addition, the email subscribers are 3 times more tends to share the content on social media than coming it to lead than another channel. Along with making more user-generated content, email marketing creates a symbiotic relationship with social media, to leverage all of it.

Getting these social media posts and replies from viewers and users has really become easy these days; you just need to know ‘How, When & Why’. If you know when to ask for feedback will contribute to the purpose of all. What more logical is to give people a chance to use or experience with the product before you ask for the content from people and ask for social tags and feedbacks. Also, selecting the right email marketing software will make you more organized and help you to target and outreach the correct audience.

Once you are ready with all the basics of the ‘how’ and ‘when’ and the right email marketing tool; the why part is easy enough to configure by yourself, as it will stand on a different note for different people and for different perspectives.

Engagement through Interactivity.

In the era of all smartphones, 2020 is going to be the first year where more emails are opened on the smartphones people holding in their hands rather than desktops or laptops. But this risks the chances of the people deleting your email id right away if it is not optimized. So the only way to stay in the flow is opting for the multi-device responsive approach.

Writing a responsive and at the same time the interacting email is tough for even the most advanced email marketer. In the year 2020 and beyond the term interactivity will be used in or functional ways, in the sense of promoting the engagement, which will prevent consumers from leaving the emails.

The mentioned below are some of the email elements which will make the emails more interactive and appealing to people.

  •       Animated buttons for the (CTA) Call to Action: Some way or the other it will sick people’s attention of people to what you are saying.
  •       Hovering effect to showcase the products effectively.
  •       Interactive images in the Email help too; to make people stay on your email.
  •       Charts, polls, surveys, and user-generated content also makes the email interactive.


The smart voice attendance will be the next thing big thing in 2020, which already has begun. But in 2020 people will get their messages and email read out loud by the voice assistants of the smart speakers. The number of people using smart speakers will be increased, surely by 2020 and smart email marketers are already designing suitable accessibility for the same.

3.6 million people out of 1.3 billion people experience visual impairments, who are considered blind by the World Health Organization. So the real challenge in front of the email marketer to design something which will be similarly affecting these people also and these people also could be targeted in email marketing trends & campaigns. Though, what stands in between is limited internet connections in many parts of the world and not enough good access to the latest technology. But the improvement in the assistive technology helps in simplifying the process to readers.

What else exactly the email marketing trends demands are the following elements to make the content more accessible.

  •       Accessible Content.
  •       Accessible Design.
  •       Accessible Codes.


Automation rules the nation in fact, the technology having robotics and the uses of Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things is the future and practically, it will be ruling the nation and humankind too.

The performance, customization, and accessibility will lead to smarter automation segmentation. The automation will ease the burden from the email marketers and also will help out with the cost-cutting. And yet it will provide the increased ROI. Freeing up the resources for other channel optimizations, platforms are supporting the A/B testing and multivariate testing.

And no doubt this automation will definitely be helping you optimize the conversion rate for you. Because at the end what matters the most is the conversions that have happened. And the automation will be helping you in converting those potential clients which increase, automatically, the conversion rate in 2020.

Email marketing has the power to change the technical landscape of the coming year 2020 and reach different heights in the digital marketing industry.

Let us know how these email marketing trends work for your clients and for you as well in the comment section below. Stay tuned to know more trends and updates for 2020.



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