There are drastic and dramatic changes in the B2B marketing industry. Due to technological advances, there is a huge and significant shift between B2B buyers and their behavior. And so does the decision making terms are changing. Today’s B2B buyers will make a number of phone calls and online website surfing before going to collaborate or make business deals with any other company. The B2B marketing funnel has got large as it has started to involve more decision-makers in the final process.

The experience that is created for the decision-makers is not only for them but the B2B businesses need to get involve everybody who moves throughout the buyers’ journey to the sale. The keys to target the B2B buyers today are to master the trends in marketing and by widening the business environment. Also, how you interact with the different channels matter with the in targeting.

These are some trends that are going to boost sky high for B2B marketing in 2020 and beyond:

Content Marketing for Lead Generation

91% of the B2B marketers are using content marketing to reach out to the customers, says CMI, Content Marketing Institute. Nowadays people are consuming content in several different ways and in various formats. Mostly video channels are supposed to be the effective ones growing up in 2020. Content Marketing with the right strategies hits the bullseye when getting out in the market.

Although video content is seen to be more insightful, like for example, webinars, the B2B marketing buyers still use white paper content to share with each other and it seems effective for them. White paper content is more trustable and believable for businesses to look around and sense the market conditions overall. And White papers are used as assets in content marketing. Businesses use it for the lead magnet to capture prospect emails.

However, there is a drastic change in the way the content is getting consumed and in the way content marketing has developed from the last decade.

Personalized Communications

Now almost every one of us has the signed up account on online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Coolwinks, etc. And apart from the conforming mails of the product delivery or the product tracking mails, how many times do you happen to receive emails from them?

If your mind and check you get text messages and mailer from them of some sale is going on or some kind of special discount they are announcing for you, in person. The mail also reads your name at the start and that makes you feel so special. And that’s what they want you to feel. They make you feel special and tell you that they are taking efforts personally for you.

This is the marketing strategy that is really working for people for them to attract the people making a good rise in the figure. The automation of marketing programs helps in the personalizing the emails and messages to give the customers this personalized effect.

Programmatic Advertising

The digital marketers who are following the trend of programmatic advertising will taste the fruit of it in 2020 and beyond. Although B2B marketers need to change the traditional ways of purchasing ads and need to adopt the new methods which are claimed more effective and efficient.

In the scenario of programmatic ads, the essential process of biding is automated with the help of analytical data software. This is completely different from the traditional method of ad buying methods and from the ad purchasing spot methods. Reduction in the cost of advertising is seen as there is almost every process is automated and there is a small window for the errors to occur. Due to the major cost-cutting happening, the programmed advertising technique is growing rapidly than it was assumed.

Email Automation

Email marketing has been used for the longest time in the industry to keep the customers in contact and to maintain relationships with them for the long term. In fact, the research says that 83% of the marketers are using emails as the preferred way of communication for the business. With developing technology the industry is getting developed for the trend of email marketing. On the desire of the market and users liking the functionalities like email scheduling, creating complete automated emails, and the function of triggering mail is been provided, it also eases the process.

Email marketing is the ongoing trend in the B2C industries but the automation of emails is going to be a huge trend in the industry of B2B. As automation of the emailing will be including the smart and decision-making machines to trigger the mails.

Coming to this technology into the industry will make a huge difference in the B2B industry overall.

I hope these trends will help to be in the race in the industry and will help you for growing the business. Let me know in the comment section below how these turned out for you or for your clients.



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