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So every year comes to an end with a great fall and winters of December and it’s always beautiful to sit back with a cup of coffee in hand and watch snowfall out of the window. And this is stopping the passing time for a moment, sure! But coming in the real life of a digital marketer, you can’t lose track over the trending topics, as you should be aware of the digital marketing trends and campaigns that the whole digital world is waiting for you to create in the upcoming year.

So saving time for that moment to enjoy, let’s go through the topics around which you can create the most successful campaigns in the upcoming year 2020. Let’s see digital marketing trends in 2020.

Let’s go…

What is important in creating campaigns?

Coming up with the most viral campaigning ideas and executing them right on point is not the only concern we have. Along with designing the campaign, the marketing or selling of the product or idea plays an important role here.

For example, we always have different ads popping up on the screen when we are surfing on the internet. And we tend to ignore it all the time unless you really are looking for one of the products. But if the same ads are shown in a different manner than a regular, simple and boring way. Rather, if say the side ads are shown in a very interesting and exotic way, then even if we ain’t looking for it, we go and take a look at it. It’s the same as targeting the features that people like to see. The only point is you should be able to sell the product or the idea with the right marketing strategies and to the proper audience.

And now getting back to the digital marketing trends that you should be considering while making campaigns in 2020 are starts with.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing.

  1. Smart Speakers.

Starting with an example, the Alexa of Amazon, Google Home, Siri from Apple are what? nothing but smart speakers. They listen to you, your commands and act/ play music or do the needful for you. This is a general and basic idea of a smart speaker.

However, this is going to be the new digital marketing trend in the next year, 2020. Around 56 million smart speakers were sold in the year 2018 and the figure reaches 94 million in 2019. (Source).

So maybe making advertisements to be played on these smart speakers is set to launch in 2020 as we make advertisements exclusively to get played on television or on the radio or for the print media and little different for digital media.

  1. Voice Search.

Apart from the smart speakers, the prominent development in the digital marketing world is the quick adoption of voice search technology. The change in the ways of marketing professionals in optimizing the websites with the keywords and the queries is possible due to this voice search technology.

With opening up new avenues in 2020 for digital marketers, it is estimated as 50% of the searches will be voice searches. There is a huge list of the things that you can do to optimize your website with the voice search. One of those tricks is to use the long-tail keywords, instead of the short ones that we used to type on browsers.

For example, if you are searching for a social media company, then the long-tail keyword would be the ‘the best social media marketing company in Pune’ instead of the short keywords like, ‘media marketing company’, ‘best social media marketing company’, etc.

  1. AR-VR.

Since the past few years, the AR technology that is Augmented Reality technology is seen to get the popularity and in the upcoming year 2020 and beyond, VR; Virtual Reality is proposed to take over the industry. Both AR and VR are the hot digital marketing trends in the industry and we are yet to see the whole potential of the technologies yet and in future VR is predicted to take over the industry.

AR is being used in some companies from 2017. The furniture company called IKEA Place app, they used it to show people how a piece of furniture would look like in their houses before they purchase the product. Giving customers a unique experience and making them decide about buying the product or not is an efficient way of marketing the product. This type of marketing is called ‘Experiential Marketing’.

This is a type of marketing where you know who your targeted audience is, the age, location, occupation, etc related information about them and then you market your product to them through various digital platforms.

  1. Personalized Marketing Efforts.

As said earlier, the success of the campaign depends upon how well you know who is your targeted audience and then making strategies for a particular group of people. So with the help of digital marketing, you can collect the information you need to know about your audience and related to it. To help you with collecting sensitive data regarding your targeted audience, the tools like Advanced Business intelligence tools are being used increasingly. It is helpful in terms of getting insights related to the behavior pattern of your audience; which helps to create personalized communication through the campaigns.

Personalized marketing Efforts consist of factors such as:

  •       Create personalized Content to give a unique experience.

For example, there was this campaign from Coca-Cola; ‘Share A Coke’. Where the common names of people were written on the coke bottle and that created a whole new flavor of attention in the people around the world. This made a new hit and boosted the conversion rate as well as sales. And even other ads of Coca-Cola make sure they have some emotional connections and relatability with it. 

Because, doesn’t matter whether it is online or offline, giving personal experience is what that everything boils down to. 

  •       Targeting a specific audience.

This includes the micro-audience targeting and designing the communication especially for them. This is another approach to picking up the audience. For example, if some eyeglasses brand is launching a new collection them they should send personalized emails to their customers giving them the cash backs vouchers or discount coupons. You can also add some elements which will help you popping up and which will help you indirectly reaching other people rather than your customers.

  •       Product Recommendations.

When we often shop on e-commerce websites like Flipkart or Amazon, etc. and in a case when we visit the website or the App again, it tends to recommend similar products as we have purchased earlier. This is known as product recommendation. This is done right due to the algorithm it follows to track the customers’ persona and behavior, and accordingly, the suggestions are made for every individual.

  1. Communication over Private Messaging Apps.

Who does not like a personal touch? When you are selling some products to people and want them to buy, you should get to know the needs and requirements of them. Since 2020 is coming closer, this marketing trick is going to work in good popularity. As well the Smartphone messaging apps in the market are getting used a lot. Leveraging this fact, we should make use of these apps to sale the products by giving that personal touch effect that the customer demands.

Along with using personalized messaging Apps, if you have enough database, you can make customized emails and send them to customers and that will also make the same effect as the personalized messages do. This is differently known as e-Mail Marketing and it works more professionally. 

Also, the personal messaging apps, that are available in the market are good too, to make personalized communication with the audience. The private messages apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Text messages, etc. 

You can also check out an article about the Successful Ideas to run WhatsApp campaigns, here. 

Using these digital marketing trends in the campaign of 2020, you will surely be meeting some skies, and seeing success from another cloud.

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