Explaining ‘what social media is’ would be a perfect start of this blog but how to choose words to explain ‘what social media is’, since everyone knows what it is. Although to brief it in a line, social media is a virtual gathering of people around the globe on various platforms.

But the term Social Media Management is different. No matter how technical it sounds, it’s not!

Social Media Management:

social media inside out

We, nowadays see all the social media accounts for the products and services too. So that’s why the term management comes in the frame of social media.

Basically it’s nothing but the management of the content that is going on Social Media and your online interaction.  Also, it refers to spreading brand awareness and promotion of the products or services through targeting social networks.

Social media management is sharing relatable content and getting connected with people sharing common interests and networking with the help of all possible ways. Advertising comes under the term ‘social media management’, as advertising also helps in satisfying the objectives of social media management such as increasing visibility on social platforms. It also increases brand engagement and ROI. Where ROI can be guaranteed. That’s where a media agency/ marketing expert comes in picture.

 There are roughly a few steps for how to start with Social Media Management. They say the baby steps at a time will give you the confidence to take bigger steps towards gigantic mountain one day, likewise, let’s start with the Social Media Management step by step, here.

Determine your Goal.

Ask yourself a bunch of questions to get clearer answer of what your exact goal is?

Like what do you want out of this process? Do you want to increase your sales number or do you want to increase the loyal customer base? Do you want to increase your relationships with customers? What exactly do you want out of your web presence?

This kind of goal could be set differently for a different section like SEO goal could like generate so-and-so leads per month. And also increases the traffic on the website. Or for sales, it could be pitching this many people/company for a collab or for different marketing reasons, so on and so forth.

Evaluate the resources.

How are you going to manage all the social media accounts, alone? Are you aware of how each platform works? What works for each social media platform? Can you write platform-oriented and audience-oriented content for each platform? Can you handle all the creatives and essentials to successfully run the social media account? Do you want someone to manage all these things for you? And if not, are you ready to learn all these?

Know the need of your business and social activities it needs accordingly. Analyze what resources you have and what you need to have more in accord with managing your social media profile. This helps in a real positive way and there is no shame asking for help.

Identify your audience.

Whom are you doing all this for? What kind of content they like or dislike? What form of content they are expecting? Are they happy or feeling satisfied with your inputs are not? Because that’s the ultimate goal that your audience should like your content and should stick to your channel.

Create quality Content.

Remember that is the reason you have an audience and that is the powerful resource. The quality of content will get better with time too. But you at your level should be delivering the content as good as you can.

Take integrated marketing efforts.

You should know one basic thing about the social media platform which is these entire social media platforms feed off each other. This technically called Cross-marketing. You should market your content in all the ways possible. The traditional ways of marketing will bring you the oldest clients in the business and the latest marketing technique will help you bring new collabs or new audiences of the same likings.

Create a schedule.

Creating the schedules of your uploading will help your audience default to stick around the channel. And also it is a great time-saver for you. If you know you need to spend say half-hour on twitter taking updates of ‘what’s going on’, on the internet today and then check emails and replying to them for an hour or so then you will be doing it efficiently and you could have prioritized them in mind already.

That will help you

  1. Prioritizing your work.
  2. Increasing productivity.
  3. It will certainly affect your efficiency as well.
  4. And far most important is you will save a lot of time by scheduling the social media.
  5. Spend less time on Self-promotion.

Yeah, that’s right.

Spend more time on increasing the content quality, collecting a good number of followers and increasing subscribers rather than spending all the time in self-promotion.

Focus on Quality, not on quantity.

That the key with respect to each and everything you upload on the internet.

Having 10,000 inactive followers are way more frustrating than the 100 actively interesting followers, right? Nothing to explain more!

Give up control.

You must let the audience draw the conversations on your social media. It shows how attached they are to you and your brand, emotionally. And that is a great feeling.

Remember, negativity is not the problem on social media but virtual apathy is!

Keep learning.

This is the most important point if you want to be on social media for long long run.  As there are continues changes happening in the way of working on social media, so you should be aware of it and you should be dedicated enough to learn it from time to time. As people don’t want the same old song sung over and over again. You should find new beats to dance on.

 Obviously you know this.

You should choose social media according to your business and your need for business. Although let me share the list of social media platforms here for sake of you to consider the social media platform that suits you the most.

  •       Facebook.
  •       Instagram.
  •       Twitter.
  •       Pinterest.
  •       LinkedIn.
  •       YouTube.

 This is all you need to know about the basics of Social Media management for now, if you want anything more let me know in the comment section below, and I shall write another article about it.

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