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Get the BEST from your advertising spends with us! We will help you grow your business with Facebook advertising program.
SocialChamps is a Facebook Advertising Agency based in Pune, India. We have been working extensively for facebook advertising campaigns from branding & Lead generation. Facebook remains the most demanded platform by brands due to its immense reach and precise targeting options. Facebook has been matured quite a lot with a extensive targeting options, better measurements and new ad formats.
Unlike Google advertising, Facebook advertising and other social media adverts are more about ‘Push’ hence the communication and targeting plays crucial role.

Facebook Advertising Services Offered:

Facebook Lead Generation Adverts [custom_frame_left] Facebook Contests for user engagement[/custom_frame_left]
Facebook proves to be the most effective advertising channel for B2C segments like fashion, jewelry, education, real-estate, Insurance and many more. The key factor of facebook is it’s persona based targeting options, so we can reach out to precise audience from specified geography, matching with demographic details (like age, gender, ethnicity etc) as desired and even the behaviour and interests.
We are generating more than 5000+ leads every month for varied clientele.

Facebook Mobile App Download Advertising  [custom_frame_left]Facebook custom applications[/custom_frame_left]
Facebook app download ads works wonders as compared to search engine advertising in terms of cost effective app download rates. With precise targeting towards not just mobile devices, Mobile OS but coupled it with audience persona like age/gender/interests makes it the most trusted mobile advertising platform.
Facebook Mobile App Engagement Ads[custom_frame_left]Facebook for Lead generation[/custom_frame_left]
Brands struggle to ensure that the mobile apps are actively used by users. The effective solution is Facebook app engagement ads. We can target app users, who are using the app. We can even go a step ahead and do specific targeting to people who have taken specific actions on our app, for example one added a product to cart but did not buy the product. A custom communication to such users can be done via App engagement ads.   

Lead Nurturing and Sales Funnel:

Based on requirements, we build the desired lead nurturing funnels. The entire gamut of services (like landing pages, email sequences, varied Call-to-Action elements) required to produce the effective results are done inhouse by SocialChamps. We are quite strong in analytics to ensure that every penny spent is being measured effectively.

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If you are looking for a Facebook marketing company, SocialChamps will fit perfectly for your needs. We carry an experience of providing Facebook marketing services to more than 300 brands from countries across the globe.
If you are looking for a Social Media services in pune, contact us here.

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