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What is that thing that makes people buy things/ products watching the ads or marketing campaigns on social media?

The first and the most candid guess of mine would be the Desire! That feeling we get after seeing the particular somebody is using a particular product that makes a refined change into his/ her life. The desire for that change to happen in our lives, that makes us buy the product. 

For example, when we see in the ad of perfume, the plotting is done very wisely that you crave for the attention he gets at the end of the ad. 

Or even some graphic representation like this at the end of the ad helps to convey the message that they want the audience to remember which will make buy that perfume. 

And another reason for buying the product would be the person. These are the people whom the common people want to follow in real life.

Influencer Marketing is…

Like, Amitabh Bacchan has a huge fan following in India, so when he does stand on that screen saying he uses JustDial or shop from the Flipkart people happen to use the JD app and shop from Flipkart emphatically. Because we trust the person speaking for the brands. 

So basically, what happens is customers are convinced in some or the other way to buy the things through the ads, by showing them either how important it is or by showing some XYZ glamorous personality is using it and that makes us follow it blindly raising a silent desire of having that particular thing in life just because somebody else has it. 

So nowadays there is being another category in influencer marketing, that is social media influencers, so these are mostly social media celebrities. Rather than coming on big screens, they have a big fan following on social media like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Also, there is a whole hierarchy for social media influencers now. Right from social media influencers having followers in millions to influencers created in some thousands of followers on Instagram are also called social media influencers, known as macro and mini influencers. There is also this concept called ‘Nano Influencers’, where the same concept is used on a very small level. 

This is exactly what the Influencer marketing is

And with changing aspects in everything digital this concept is also changing in ways. Now the people are not only influenced by Bollywood actors but also with YouTube celebrities too. 

People getting influenced by someone is a big deal as the main factor of gaining the trust of the audience matters a lot in this case. And YouTube people are seeming pretty great at it, having followers in millions and billions of numbers.

For example, the social media influencer Bhuvan Bam has his channel called ‘BB ki Vines’ and has 10 million+ subscribers. Now, what are the chances that if he stands up and says he uses the glasses of Lenskart, people will not go for the LensKart for buying the glasses?

Also, the Bollywood and Hollywood star of Indian origin Priyank Chopra and the famous YouTuber and social media influencer Lily Singh is doing this ad for Pantene shampoo, with long silky and shiny hair, then how many would keep themselves without using the same product? 

And the most loved Bollywood actress, Alia Bhat when says she uses and loves the Bags of Caprese then people are supposed to follow that fact irrespective of any other thing. 

Time for Stats and Maths:

Not always you go with trending trend. There should be some solid numbers proving the same and no wrong in that. 

So according to the stats of Forbes, 73% of the marketers have assigned a budget for the Influencer marketing. And 71% of people buy due to the influence of social media. Also, 70% of teenagers follow social media influencers rather than traditional celebrities. We can’t underestimate these choices of 70% of the teenagers as they contribute to the huge number. 

Things you need to remember while opting for the Influencer marketing:

  1. Choose the right influencer considering your target audience. Obviously, because the fitness freak social media influencer won’t do any good for your clothing brand than a fashion/ lifestyle blogger, right?
  2.  Persuade the right approach of your strategy in every aspect, considering every factor that even slightly matters. 
  3. Make sure that even the influencer is getting some solid returns working/ marketing your product. As this is a partnership where both the partners are supposed to get benefits out of the partnership. 
  4. Make an authentic and transparent relationship with your influencer.

While going for the influencer marketing seeing the figures working pretty good you should mind these things also for the better results. 

So let us know in the comment section below, your views on Influencer marketing. Also, I will be talking about the ‘Pros and Cons of Influencer Marketing’ in the next blog, so stay tuned!


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