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Conversion Rate:

The importance of the conversion rate is huge in every business no matter what. 

But increasing conversion rate is a very subjective term and it changes with the changing genre of the business.  

Like, for example,  in the business of real estates, the conversion is said to be done when the data of the people is collected who visited the landing page and who filled the inquiry form. Or for some E-commerce company, adding the product to the cart isn’t conversion but buying it is considered as the conversion, and that calculates the conversion rate of the business. 

And this is obvious that there are thousands of factors that affect the conversion rate. But the good and interesting landing pages, convincing and appealing content and CTA (Call To Action) buttons at proper places help well. 

Yet it’s hard to meet the conversion rate that we expect with the help of current tools, like Google Analytics. 

What is Behaviour Analytics?

Google Analytics gives information about the people visiting your website, about their age, gender, and location, etc., yet on retrospecting the fact that no good results are seen in terms of conversion rate. So the need to find some other algorithm, based on the advancement in the big data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

The User Behavior Analytics helps in analyzing, basically, the behavior of the user/ audience visiting on your website. It helps you understand that what part of the content is helping the audience to engage on your website. By analyzing the behavior of the audience and knowing their interest the personalized emails and messages could be done at the right time. And that will help you in increasing the conversion rate. 

Ways to Increase the Conversion with User Behavior analytics:

1. Send personalized E-mails:

Only sending e-mails is not the concern here but sending the relevant e-mails to customers is an essential part. You need to draft different content in mails as per the customers. 

For example, there is a list of new customers and the other is of old customers. You can’t send the same ‘5% Discount’ mail to both the lists of old and new customers. 

This is done correctly and accurately when you make an analysis of the behavior of your customers/ audience visiting your website considering different factors. And then designed a campaign of personalized e-mails for potential customers.

You can differentiate the customers making categories like the following:

To analyze the behavior of the customers for an E-commerce site, say, 

  • Types of products purchased by particular customers.
  • Items added in the cart but not bought.
  • Items viewed by customers.
  • The most purchased items by customers. 

Are some of the important questions for which the answers to be known.

2. Make a personalized product recommendation:

What is relevant to one customer is not necessarily to be relevant to another. But by knowing the behavior of your customers, you can totally predict the next item they would buy, and that should be recommended on their screen. 

To improve the conversions, the personalized recommendations of the products is the highway. Best-sellers in the category that your customers like can be recommended to them depending upon the analysis of browsing data. 

By showing them the recommendations you are guiding the way of buyings of your customers. Where the chances of conversions become high. 

Image 01: this is recommendations to me on my previous purchase.

Image 02:  These are the recommendations on analysis of my browsing history from Amazon E-commerce site.

3. Create personalized landing pages based on referral traffic.

Seeing an ad and clicking on it, hoping it would lead us to the exact same thing we were shown but it leads to the home page and now you are required to do the search again in accord to find the same could be a huge bummer for customers. And high chances are there that you will lose the potential customers. 

Most of the people won’t take these efforts and will leave from your home page, which will do nothing but increase the bounce rate of your website. 

So for example, if someone sees the ad of the best digital marketing company in Pune, they should be directed to the page talking about digital marketing of the company and not the home page or anything. 

It makes easier for users to get to the information that they are looking for. And it helps in increasing the conversion rate for your product/ service. 

4. Differentiate the experience for the returning visitors:

Image showing digital marketing page of the SocialChamps and not the Homepage of the company.

Meeting someone for the first time is different from meeting someone for the second time or third time. The way you feel comfortable with each other and the way you treat each other is definitely different when it’s the first time and when it’s after that first time. 

The point being is, the same concept is applicable to the first time visitor and the returning visitors/ customers. 

The first time visitor needs time to get familiar with your platform and working methods. But the one who is been the regular visitor is familiar to the website, already. 

So the first time visitors are expected to get the pop up for the subscription of the newsletters or the new blog alert or something like that. But the regular user might have already done that and do not need to be done again. 

So the revisitors should be welcomed with a new home page and not on the same page as for the new visitors. That changes the user experience as both the first-timers and returning visitors have different perspectives, behavior, objectives, and expectations. Also, the methods of consuming content vary.


Now that you know some of the methods to increase the conversion rates, you need to remember this thing always that the customer/ visitor/ audience is the main focus here. 

You can attract more audience/customers to your service by putting out the great piece of content to them. For this, targeting keywords and planning the keywords strategy is a crucial part of all. 

 The whole process revolves around what kind of experience your visitor is having and whether or not they change into the regular customers or consumers.  Because that decides the conversion rate for you.

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