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By now, your social media plan for 2019 must be working on full speed.

And by now you must have understood the benefits of social media marketing so we are not going to waste your time by convincing you about them and some other social media marketing basics.

If you are still not happy with your social media marketing plan or if the numbers are still underwhelming your estimations, we are going to explain you how a full fledged social media marketing strategy will work for you and how you can design it.

Wait. A great social media marketing strategy is not about spending too much on ads.

It is about building a brand around your audience and then capture them one by one to make them buy your products or services.

Social Media Marketing is an important aspect in your marketing plan and a common question a few years ago was, ‘Why should I choose social media marketing for my business?’ And now that question is being replaced by, ‘How can I utilize social media marketing to the fullest for my marketing?’

Here is a short plan for your next social media marketing plan:

Social media strategic plan only will be successful if it is clear, concise and measurable. It should go hand in hand with your yearly goals and what you want to achieve in a year – Gajanan Sapate, Director at SocialChamps.

To revisit your unsatisfactory social media strategy, here is you should start with

1. Run an audit for your present social media platforms

Take a quick look at where you are right now and then strategize where you are heading. A few sections while running an audit for your social media presence are:

  • Platforms you are currently active on
  • Are those platforms optimized? (Bio, photos, cover images, videos, URLs, etc.)
  • Which platform is providing you the most value?
  • How your profiles are performing compared to your competitors?

At SocialChamps, we offer a complete social media audit for your online presence including a deep analysis of social channels, content, SEO and web structure with a plan that will suit your marketing plan.

2. Know your ideal customer

The main aim of your marketing plan to work the best is to understand who your customers are and how you can sell them your products.

You need to be as specific as possible in this part. 

Even the best of the best marketing experts won’t pass the test of finding the right audience for your business. Here, using these simple questions to come up with a highly focused buyer persona:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Income
  • Pain Points (that your business can provide a solution for)
  • Most Used Social Platform

3. Prepare a social media mission statement

Your brand has something that makes it weird, unique and thus help it stand out.

Your social media mission will drive your future plans, so ensure you give more thoughts on it. This statement will define your social media presence and reflect your brand identity. Always remember your ideal customers while creating this statement.

Here is an example of a social media mission statement: To use social media to spread knowledge about digital marketing amongst current and potential customers, with a focus on social media marketing. 

Once you have such kind of statement on a document, it will be simpler for you to decide what kind of content is to be prepared and shared.

Forget about it if it doesn’t match with your mission statement. Brands that post random content without a mission will surely fail. People follow experts, not educators.

4. Pinpoint your key success metrics

It will be easier for you to improve if you can measure it. 

How can you identify if your social media marketing efforts are paying off? We are not talking about only getting more followers, but we are talking about more business here. After all, it is not easy to justify the spending time and money on something that is not moving from the bottom line.

A few metrics to consider measuring are:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Time Spent on Website
  • Reach
  • Brand Mentions
  • Sentiment
  • Total Shares

5. Spread engaging content

Bill Gates once said, ‘Internet will earn you money through content.’

Sadly, many brands keep curating boring content that only guides potential customers. People need stories. People need to read something that will touch their emotions. This is where engaging content will come into the picture. Share it on your social media platforms. 

Here is a fun part. Once you understand the above 4 points, you will be able to understand who needs your content. But what exactly is engaging content? Here are a few examples of creative content:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Company News
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Interviews

This list will go on but make sure that you focus on the content that will match with your mission statement. Content is the fuel of the internet and so ensure you keep creating high-quality content on top priority.

A perfect social media strategy is not impossible to change and hence, you need to change it time to time for the betterment of your brand. 

Get your shoes on. 

Create an awesome strategy and start optimizing it to outgrow your social media performance. 

Increase your business and engage your audience.

If you need any help while developing and implementing a robust social media strategy, call us on +91 7410001361 and we will be on your tour to social media marketing.

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