Think Local not Global- Strategy for E-com:

What we generally tend to think is if we want the business to grow big as we are taught to dream big and think big, then that old-school, ideal things will help us out. But this is a whole new scenario, those ideations were made back when there was not even the slightest clue of having a business online.

But now that we are dealing with all the online buying and selling and e-commerce websites providing online businesses, the strategies should be modified. If the shops and malls are turning into online shopping platforms that are open and accessible globally, we can’t afford to forget our basic rules altogether at the same time. 

So the main question stands that where to draw the line between changing, modifying, and accepting the strategies to stand in a market where there are not one, not two, but thousands of them and emerging new every other day. So there is this new concept that entrepreneurs are asked to follow that, ‘Think Local, not Global.’ This is exactly where the line should be drawn. 

Local or Global?

The concept for your E-commerce business should be local, not global. What will get famous with people around you is something which has a creative touch with the customization and localization. The basic is when people around you will trust and trust your online shopping platform, then your business will automatically grow by the feedback of customer experience. Now considering this fact we can totally opt for the regional things. Like regional or local clothes or local products, or maybe local language content, etc. 

BTW, the content writing plays an important role in the raking of your website. And so does the local language content and local language strategies. Now if you are aware, even a little bit about how Google ranks the website and how the ‘SEO’ thing works, you will know the importance of the content that we put on the internet and content marketing. 

Why the Local Language for Online Shopping Platform?

So the question of why e-commerce is working towards optimizing the websites in the regional language is pretty simple. When doing business with the local product and from the local market, then why start with the local language. Because this will ultimately support the above concept of ‘thinking local, not global.’

These are a few points on why E-commerce is shifting towards optimizing regional language:

  • To reach a wide range of customers of the targeted area. 
  • To make good marketing of your products in the most understandable language.
  • To enhance the customer experience by introducing multilingual platforms.
  • To make the online shopping platforms accessible to people of all tiers. 
  • Local language content will make people gain trust over the product since most of the people are from II-tier and III-tier who shop online. 
  • To attract more buyers on online shopping platforms with customization and localization will be the keys. 

Marketing Strategy with Local Language Content:

To answer the question of how E-commerce is shifting towards the local language content, let’s consider this as a need of time for marketing. Since we are meeting new and growing technology every day, and the internet is not limited anymore. So to target the specific audience is the way to get your business to grow. 

From the stats of the Snapdeal, online shopping platform, the sales have been increased by 40% in Hindi- heartlands and Tamil Nadu, since they have launched the portal in Hindi and Tamil languages. 

To promote E-com:

Along with good SEO strategies the social media marketing provides an important and crucial role in ranking any website. Also, what matters the most is the content of the website. The specific words, called keywords in SEO language are the main player of the game. With the customization and the localization, the local language content strategies and marketing are essentials too. 

So in order to grow the business weaving the old and new concepts together is preferred the most. For this, the technically strong support with experience, in amalgamation with creativity is needed. 

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