What is Local Landing Page?

Basically, the landing page of any website is defined as the page which serves the entire purpose of the website. That is, the summary of the whole website summoned on a single webpage is called the landing page aka local landing page. The local landing pages are used for highlighting the geographical aspect of the business. The one which is used in real estate websites is mainly known as City Landing Pages. Because simply it gives an overview of the projects over the city.

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The landing is also called as, ‘Lead capture page’, ‘static page’, or ‘ destination page’ in online marketing language. The local landing page is that one web page that appears when clicked on Google search results. The main purpose of the local landing page is to generate leads. This is the most interactive page to attract the audience/ customers. What does exactly the local landing page does is, convert the site visitors into sales or leads? 

 For example, the image below is a landing page of some company where they have summed up the problem and the solution that they are offering for it. This is how the landing page looks like.

Landing pages are used for local business:

Now let’s see how the local landing page is helpful in lead generation. When we are searching for any property in a specific area say Mumbai and we simply Googled about it. Of course, a lot of options are going to come in front of us and we choose one of them and we are directed to the particular website. This is how the scenario works typically.  

So when a real estate site opens there are several options already showing the different cities and various options within. So to avoid confusion for someone who is really new in the field, there is one webpage created where you go initially and then make the specific search for the area in a city or with other details. This is known as a property search landing page. 

In the real estate business, the landing page is also called as ‘squeeze page’, as it serves the purpose of collecting the information about potential customers. Clearing the confusion here is this page is not the home page of your website. 

A normal property search landing page looks like following basic search options like a city, area, location, etc. 

What is City Landing Page?

The city landing page is as good as the local landing page just that they don’t have a physical office/ business address in every city mentioned. Although both the local landing pages and the city landing page requires the same elements.

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Consider the following things to make the city landing pages remarkable:

  • Proper title tags.
  • Meta description.
  • Name page and URL structure.
  • Local SEO benefits.
  • Use of headings.
  • Internal links.
  • External links. 
  • Proper Navigation.
  • Create Unique and Engaging content. 

These City landing pages help in rating the cities or knowing the cities good,  where you don’t live in but want to buy a property or thinking of shifting to. This is as good as the local landing page with a little different perspective. 

You will face the following problems if you don’t have a proper landing page for your real estate business:

  • Poor traffic.
  • Poor conversation rate.
  • High Bounce rate.
  • Internal disagreement.
  • Driving traffic to another site page.

The organic results that you get for your website are because of the local landing page of your website. This is called a local city SEO. The local businesses who work for local customers should have local city SEO plans.

Stay Smart!

The online businesses having no physical addresses or locations should have Local SEO strategies strong, as it will help you in Google ranking. SEO can be done on a Virtual address, so that won’t be a major issue as such.

On the other hand, what does Google does is if you/ your business has a physical location then your website will be ranked in the kind of search made of ‘near me’. That is physical location SEO. But since Google is getting smarter day by day, now we can do the SEO even when we don’t have a specific location, that is because of the local city location. 

Since the business can make a good fraud, the local city SEO concept is applied by Google. People can register for something which doesn’t even exist in reality. Being smart and taking decisions after so many verifications will be the smart step. And so having a city landing page should be considered by the real estate businesses

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