As anything on social media goes viral, social networking websites need to introduce new features to impress users and stay viral (ahead of others) in competition.
After Facebook introduced Hashtags, something that was keeping Twitter ahead of Facebook and preferable over Facebook over social media advertising and marketing, Twitter has once again capitalized on hashtags, something that made it popular.

As noted by Livefyre’s Lead Social Strategist Nick Cicero, Twitter is offering suggested hashtags as you compose a tweet.
suggest hashtags
Third-party Twitter apps, including Tweetbot, have offered that functionality for a while now, as does the official Twitter mobile app.

What type of hashtags is Twitter suggesting?

Now Twitter suggests hashtags while you tweet. Since last week, when Twitter users enter a hashtag in their tweet, an auto-correct feature suggests hashtags and offers. This behavior has been around in the Android and iOS apps for a bit, but should now show up on the Web too.

Hashtags are more often than not the dominant content on the trending topic list on Twitter and lots of people use them to discuss current events, pop culture and a bunch of other stuff.
Instagram had been providing hashtag suggestions for long. A notable difference between the Twitter hashtag suggestions and those provided in the Instagram app are that the former preserve capitalization, while the latter does not.

How is auto-corrects suggesting hashtags beneficial?
    1. Following are the benefits of the new feature of Twitter:
    1. More focused discussion:
      Adding auto-completion to hashtags on the web will be helpful in funneling the discussion around hot button topics in a more focused fashion.Now people would not need to guess haphazardly which hashtag might apply to their discussion. Auto-suggestion based on a deep dredge of Twitter‘s currently trending tags will ensure that the tweet gets slotted into the appropriate discussion. More importantly, those tweets are then available to third-party services that use Twitter‘s firehose to collate data based on those events.
      Every tweet does not have a hashtag. However, having more accurate hashtags means that topical discussion can be more easily collected and analyzed. This, in turn, leads to benefits for Twitter’s Certified Products and Data Reseller partners.
    2. More accurate representation of tweets:
      Theoretically, users are expected to benefit because they will see a more accurate representation of tweets around a given topic when they click on a hashtag.
    3. Twitter once again the center of media-attention:
      With the new hashtag game into shape, Twitter‘s overall media-focused strategy can work wonders. For instance, suppose Twitter wants to expand its #music product to other areas like video or photo albums. In that case, having hashtags that shift content properly is a bigtime priority.

At the time of this article being written, the official announcement of the new feature was yet to be made and therefore, it cannot be confirmed whether the new feature is available worldwide.

Have you used this new feature? How beneficial and helpful do you find it? Tell us.
Now when you tweet, Twitter will suggest hashtags would be relevant to your tweet. Let us see how helpful this new feature will be for Tweeters.

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  1. Dont forget to use hashatory in finding the right hashtags. Goodluck!

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