In our previous article of this series, we shared helpful tips to recognize fake profiles on Facebook.

In the era of social media where the worth of a brand is determined on the basis of LIKES on Facebook or follows on Twitter, it is obvious that like Facebook, Twitter is also a hotbed for fake profiles.
There are cheats who take money and get twitter fake followers for a profile. Some people who want to trap people into some fraudulent deals often follow random people

How to identify fakers on Twitter?

There are various methods to identify fake followers on Twitter.
Some of those methods are easy. In order to find twitter fake followers, go to Status People Fake Follower checker and get instant statistics on any Twitter account, including yours.

Below is a quick screen capture of the results from Status People for a Twitter account.
If you have a large Twitter following, Status people only analyzes a portion of them. The statistics are not perfect.

faking the fake

People Status has the Criteria to determine fake accounts:

Status People app takes a sample of about 500 followers and assesses them against a number of simple spam criteria. It looks for accounts that have few or no followers or very low to no activity (number of tweets), to calculate a percentage

It is more accurate if your Twitter account has 10,000 followers or less. However, it does provide a good insight into the possible number of fake accounts if you have a larger following. Most of the analytics that is used to measure activities online are based on sample data anyways.

How People Status app works?

For this app to work all you need to do is to simply connect to your Twitter account and let it run its process, it will typically take a few minutes to gather the necessary data.
It will provide you with percentages for “Fake”, “Inactive” and “Good” accounts within your following.

Even without Status People or any similar app, you can identify the fake followers. Fake followers always cause spam links to appear in the news-feed of your Twitter. Thus, if you want only real followers, you can see the spam tweets and remove twitter fake followers from your follower’s list.

So how many fake followers on Twitter do you have? Have you removed them? Tell us.

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