twitter marketing tips for business

Twitter is one of the top 10 popular social channels that a brand should be on. Though it has not grown exponentially like Instagram or WhatsApp, it is growing nevertheless. Twitter has a different set of audience and focus and hence the strategies used to increase traffic too should be different.
Twitter has started revolutions and it is a channel that brands should take seriously. If this still hasn’t convinced you about being onboard Twitter then maybe this will
Twitter has over 300 million monthly active Twitter users
80% of Twitter users use it on their mobile phones
Nearly 100 million users check and use Twitter daily
Identify if your Twitter account focuses majorly on brand building, customer service or reputation management depending on your brand niche, however, there is no doubt that you should be present on Twitter.

1.  Come up with a content strategy
You might think this is obvious, however, more often than not, brands think a blanket content strategy should work for all channels and that is completely wrong. Start with a bit of a search on Twitter to identify the conversations around your category on Twitter. Look at what your competitor is doing on the space and then create your focus for Twitter. Doing an advanced search looking for sentiments and hashtags related to your category usually throws
up interesting results and offers you great insights into your audience psyche.

2. Post more often
You might think this is a dud, but simply posting more often will show you a quick growth in your follower count. Use tools like Crowdfire to identify relevant followers. Crowdfire also helps you with tweeting your existing content from your blog and also suggests tweets or posts related to your category that you can tweet. Schedule tweets throughout the day depending on the timezone and see a marked difference in the followers.

3. Connect Twitter to other social channels

Using apps like Involver or IFTTT you can cross-post tweets on Facebook or Instagram and vice-versa. If you are holding a Twitter party or live-tweeting an event, cross-posting will help you reach a large audience and followers who follow you on other platforms will also follow you on Twitter.

4. Amplify your posts with Twitter

If you have a blog, then find relevant ideas related to your category using Buzz Sumo. Once you have zeroed in on the idea and created a fabulous post about it, look for the people who share such content on Buzz Sumo by clicking on view sharers and connect with them on Twitter. Tag them and share your link with a well-crafted tweet. These people are your target audience as they have shown interest earlier by sharing similar content and would be interested in knowing the latest about the category.

5. Use Twitter Marketing

If you are a new brand, do make use of Twitter follower campaigns to target relevant followers. These campaigns are charged based on a number of followers gained and not click or reach or impressions etc. and hence are cost-effective even for a small brand. Use Twitter paid ads campaign to jump-start your brand’s Twitter presence.

6. Guest Tweeter or takeover Twitter account 

This is a kind of influencer marketing using micro-influencers where you pay twitter account holders to spread information or create buzz around product launches or events. You can either come up with your own list of
influencers using advanced twitter search options or get in touch with a digital PR agency to do the legwork for you. Another option is Twitter take cover, where a relevant celebrity takes over your twitter account for a few hours and connects with an audience at large. So if you are a fashion label, getting a model or a fashionista to handle your twitter account for a few hours can work wonders for your brand. However, both these efforts mean money and it
could be a lot of amounts if a celebrity is involved.

7. Host a Twitter Party 

A twitter party is a cool way to rally a community around your brand. You can host twitter parties around a particular topic or a product demo, FAQ, etc. to make it relevant and interesting. The thumb rule to get good engagement and followers via twitter party is to host it regularly. Weekly twitter parties/Twitter chats help grow and engage your
community. Promote your party details on your website, other social channels, and blog. Tag a few people who will find these relevant and then host the twitter chat. Keep a memorable and relevant hashtag for your party. While the twitter chat is on, search your brand hashtags and keep responding to all questions and chats to make the engagement livelier.

8. Track Hashtags and Use Lists

Twitter was the champion of hashtags long before Instagram. Trending topics that you see on Twitter usually revolve around hashtags. Create a branded hashtag for your Twitter account and use the same in your posts and bio. Use products like Talkwalker to listen in to the conversations around your brands and hashtags. Alternatively,
you can use sites like hashtags if to discover relevant hashtags and listen in or connect with
conversations around them.

9. Build your List 

Lists are another useful feature that helps you connect with  Lists are another useful feature that helps you connect with a relevant audience and even engage with those audiences. Build your own list or follow other lists by
visiting their Profile Page  View Lists and then Follow them. This will give you a goldmine of relevant audience and conversations that you can add value to. Though Twitter doesn’t have a traditional group’s feature, twitter lists offer equivalent value in building an effective community around relevant topics.

10. Giveaways 

Giveaways work really well on Twitter. Align your giveaway with a holiday or event to piggyback on the hashtag around that event. If you have your branded product as a giveaway, incentivize customer feedback or review.

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