Facebook marketing tips for business

Being on Facebook for any business is now a necessity and not a matter of choice. It is similar to having a website address or a business card. Why do we say this you ask? Let’s look at some Facebook statistics for 2017

  • 76% of Facebook users log in daily
  • There are 1.75 billion mobile active users for Facebook
  • Average Time Spent on Facebook is 20 minutes per visit

If you are a B2C customer, you should be there on Facebook. But is having a presence enough? Say, you have a great page on Facebook, but nobody knows about it, then is it going to help your business? Or if you are a start-up looking for Facebook traction for your brand, where do you start?

To answer questions like these and to help you with your Facebook growth effort, we have listed down some Marketing Tips that will boost your Facebook efforts

Tip 1: Be smart with groups

Find groups in your niche and track their engagement levels. Join relevant and highly engaged groups. Share your tips or help others in the group. Add to the community feeling. Don’t just post about your products, offer helpful advice, tips and share relevant articles. Chances are, when you announce your next sale, they will be the first ones to engage and share. Being relevant means they might even convert.

Tip 2: Upload your videos and photos directly

Facebook wants you to spend more time with them. It has been observed that images that have been directly uploaded on Facebook reach a larger audience. With the autoplay feature of Facebook, it is important that you upload your videos directly on Facebook, this way as the user scrolls down his newsfeed your video starts playing by itself and holds the user’s attention.

Tip 3: Optimize your Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the biggest asset on your Facebook page. It is also the first thing that a user sees when he lands on your page. Make the most of it. Your present deal, the best images, and the offer should be your cover photo. If you decide to promote your page, the image that is used by default is your cover photo, so keep that in mind while designing a cover photo.

Tip 4: Use tools to sync, automate and keep the channel responsive

With the evolution of social media marketing, a lot of tools and apps have come into existence that helps brands get their work done faster. Use these tools to help you automate your posts, follows and mentions. Use tools like IFTTT to sync and share posts from Instagram to Facebook or Status brew to see who is following or not following you. This check will help you keep your community engaged. Tool’s like tool tipster helps the reader highlight any portion of the text in your website or blog and convert them into shareable content. This immensely helps in quick share and wider reach for your content. Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite help you schedule your posts in advance.

Tip 5: Invest in Good Copy and Design

While Facebook allows only 20% text in an advertising image, make that 20% count. Use it cleverly to put out your USP or offer. The first thing that a user will see is the image or the creative associated with your advertisement, so make it worthwhile for him. Invest in good copy and design to stand out from the millions. Repeat the text in the description and elaborate on it, but the branding or offer needs to be communicated in minimum words within the image itself. If you are running a flash sale or giving a free download for a limited period that time sensitivity needs to be communicated repeatedly for greater impact and immediate action.

Tip 6: Pique the reader’s curiosity

Make the advertising copy about the reader and not about you. Ask questions and talk about the problems that you intend to solve. Instead of saying “Here’s a great planner for you” ask “Wouldn’t you love to save 25% of your work hours?” Pique your reader’s interest and compel him to click on your advertisement.

Tip 7: Use A/B Testing

This might seem obvious, but not many are using it. Use A/B testing of ads to understand the better performing hook for your graphics or text. Change only one or two things in both the adverts as otherwise, it might be hard to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.

Tip 8: Piggyback on popular events

Identify popular conferences or events that make big news. Piggyback on the side by creating relevant and helpful content like Q and A for the conference, event notes, etc. You can even repurpose existing content around these events or conferences into various forms like infographics or eBooks etc. and share them on Facebook to create buzz and brand authority.

Tip 9: Organic Lead Generations

Facebook has this option to create Lead Ads, which help you get inquiries using pre-filled forms. These forms are a great way to capture leads as they load faster and have most of the details filled, which help the user convert faster. Create a lead ad and publish it, however, stop it before you spend any money and go to Ad preview in Ads Manager. Click on ‘view post permalink with comments’. It will redirect you to view the ad. Copy the link and post it as a new post on your Facebook page. This will show the ad as a new post on your page. Delete the link and create a catchy copy to go along with the post.

Tip 10: Use Remarketing lists and lookalike

Again, though this is obvious, it does not happen very often. Try and build your audience via the mailing list or past customers and use them when planning to launch a new collection, or a special offer or a new course. Customers who have interacted with you once already have a trust factor associated with you and will convert faster. Add these remarketing lists on Facebook to find new look-alike audience and push your content to them. People with similar characteristics will convert faster.

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