Instagram is one of the most actively growing social networks in the past two years. It is a photo sharing app that took over the social networking world by storm, when it was launched in October 2010. It has helped many businesses and brands go viral.

Here are a few facts to be considered about Instagram

  • Instagram had nearly 1 million users in the first two months of its launch
  • Within 10 months there were more than 150 million photos uploaded
  • Seeing the potential, the monumental growth and popularity of Instagram, Facebook bought Instagram within 2 years of its launch
  • Today, Instagram has over 700 million monthly users worldwide, with no signs of slowing down

So if you are a B2C brand then, whether you should be on Instagram or not is an irrelevant question. The real question here will be how do you make the most of it? While being on multiple channels and crafting your message for every channel can be overwhelming, if done right it will also give handsome returns.

We at Social Champs bring you a set of 10 Instagram Marketing Tips that will help you jumpstart your brand on Instagram

  1. Upload the Best and follow a Theme

If you have an Instagram account, a quick search will throw up two sets of people, one with amazing pictures and the other with too many random images. Always aspire to be in the first set, because that’s what will stay with the user long after they have closed the app. Instagram is a visual medium and the visitor sees and enjoys the image first. If you do not have powerful images, you will not be holding his attention. It has also been observed that following a theme has helped find and sustain an audience on Instagram as opposed to uploading random images. A cute image of a puppy might work once in a while for a fashion brand, but having a stream full of animals with no relevance or peg to your fashion brand does not go down well with your followers. Be relevant, follow a theme. Amazing pictures translate to stupendous growth in followers and likes.

  1. Be Consistent

You have to be consistent on Instagram or your followers might not find you. Be consistent, however, don’t post more than 4-5 times a day, otherwise, the followers might face brand fatigue. Pick out your best images and consistently pepper them over the day. Aim to post at least one image per day; on an average, good brand posts atleast2-3 images in the day.

  1. it’s all about Hashtag

Every social network has its own uniqueness which helps the audience discover the brand. For Instagram it’s hashtags. On an average having around 30 hashtags per photo is considered a good number. Discover good hashtags that are relevant to your brand or image and use them with every image that you post.

  1. Ask for what you seek

Having great pictures and uploading them on Instagram is not enough. Ask what you want the viewer to do! Just adding a ‘Double-Tap to show some love’ goes a long way in building your engagement.

  1. Write a cool profile and add a link in the bio

If you surf around Instagram, you will see some really cool bio’s or profiles with good use of emoji’s, however, you can’t just create it in Instagram. For that, you need to create the same in your notes feature on the phone and then copy paste the same in your profile.

Instagram does not allow you to add links in the image description. As a brand, if you wish to drive traffic to your latest sale, collection or offers, etc. simply add the link in the bio/profile and add a ‘Link in the Bio’ line to your image description. This is an accepted norm on Instagram and you will find people clicking on the link and landing on your site

  1. Comment Hashtags

The image descriptions can get really busy with all the hashtags and the descriptions and many times an important message might get lost. To avoid this, you can keep your description clean with just writing what the image describes and add the hashtags as a comment on the image.

  1. Follow them back

After joining Instagram, go follow your competition and people they follow. That’s a great way to capture your relevant audience. It is most likely that the people who like your competitor will also like you. Follow and engage with them. Real conversations help you get more exposure and followers.

  1. Use the right filters

It has been observed that images with filters perform better than images without them. Make the best use of filters to attract more audience. Filters with higher contrasts, warm temperatures, and higher exposures are supposed to get the most likes and engagement.

  1. Run Contests

Great contests go viral on Instagram. Run a contest to get better exposure to the audience that you are looking for. Ask them to follow and tag someone in return for a prize. A contest helps create a buzz around your brand.

  1. Schedule for effective Instagramming

With Instagram, make use of the various scheduling tools and schedule your images in advance. Though Instagram does not allow third-party uploading, you will receive a reminder and all you have to do is tap to publish. 

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