Almost every industry is occupied with digital marketing nowadays.  Since there is a large number of the potential audience are available on every Digital Online Platform. Various sectors are also trying to incorporate digital marketing as a part of their systems.

Let’s say, for instance,  E-marketing involves online shopping. For the same, order tracking, online payment gateway systems is needed to be done online. Also, there is content marketing for the where there coming the online marketing. 

So it’s just not a single task, it comes with other services. And comes the problems along with it. But the best part in the E-marketing is the Geographical barriers have disappeared due to Digital marketing, which made all the consumers and businesses around the globe, a potential suppliers and consumers. This made the transaction and communication of the businesses to happen anytime, anywhere.

The career in Digital Marketing in India is a huge boom today. Very high significant growth in digital marketing career is expected in a country with such a rapidly growing economy. The growth in digital marketing trend is making a voluminous impact on marketing and advertising.

Here is the overview of growth in the digital marketing industry from the past decade:

In 2007, the Flipkart got launched in India. That was the time when every E-marketing enterprise was majorly using digital means for marketing. The significant total increment happened in the year 2013-2015, which is about 1.5Cr., according to the reports by the 

International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation. Further, the reports claimed that India is getting to the golden period in the Internet sector in 2013-2018.

And so the growth happened in E-commerce, Internet Advertising, Online Content, Social Media, Browser Searching, and online services-related digital marketing in the last few years stand as proof of it.  

 There are various factors involved in the growth of the digital marketing industry in India

  • Communication: The communication has become easy since we evolved from landlines to mobile phones. It’s a transformation from the era of landlines to stepping up into the era of mobile phones. The communication became easier than we could have ever imagined due to this change.  
  • Usage of the Internet: Back then, having internet facility was considered as a luxury. But now almost every other person is using the internet. And it has become one of the essentials of the basic needs of humans.
  • Upgradation: This could have come under the above topic but this up-gradation happened not only from 2G to 3G. It started from there and went till 3G, 4G and now we will be experiencing 5G too. So this counts into a whole different evolution and one of the reasons for the digitalization in India. This change indeed made the up-gradation in lifestyle also. 

The up-gradation in the Internet, not only increase the internet speed but also the rate of consumption increased notably.

  • Convenience: Online shopping through digital marketing indeed made the consumers shop sitting at home without any tedious efforts. And on the other hand, it was easy for the suppliers also to sell the goods online, in the minimum price as so much cost-cutting happened on their end also.

So part from the above factors the growth of digital marketing in India is explicitly increasing with every passing day. The unstoppable growth in Digital marketing is seen to happen and will continue to happen more in the coming future. These are some points which will state the fact.   

  • Transition from Traditional Marketing

The traditional marketing involved so many physical efforts like going door to door for promoting products. Or another way was mouth publicity of the product/ service. This was indeed tedious and required a lot of manpower to make the marketing plan work.  But now with the changing times, the scenario has been changed totally.

The first rule of business is to satisfy the customers’ need and making it as a priority, digital marketing help people to make things available on few clicks. And today the digitalization is on such an edge that we find even the smallest thing online. This is nothing but the charisma of digital marketing.

  • Going Digital is a new Cool!

Not only shops have gone online, but the launching of products and new services, and also the launch of start-ups are going digital nowadays. This reduces the manpower and the physical efforts required for the marketing purpose. Isn’t this cool, indeed?

The digital platform is not only cool enough for the tech geeks, it’s also very helpful in various industries to grow the business; same like it is for the hotel businesses too. The wide ranges of businesses are using digital marketing as a platform for marketing purposes these days. This shows what will be the future of digital marketing in the coming days.  

  • The sky is the boundary!

In the case of going digital in every aspect of the business is an achievement in a way. But in a manner going digitized has made all the doors open to the potentials. It’s has made the playground of the global market open for hard work and passion.

So practically the boundaries between countries are made as good as non-exiting through the virtual world of digitalization. For example, there is a number of businesses in India that have clients only from the US and abroad. And due to the digitalization, it has become easy to serve the client as per the demand of the client, from any location on the face of the earth.  And thus social medias and online marketing channels made everything possible.

  • Education in Digitalisation.

Now there are universities in which they have subject to a study called Digital Marketing, mapping the effects, growth, reach, depth, and future, the need for expertise in the field. There are digital marketing firms that have come with digital marketing courses, where digital marketing is practically taught. Since this wide field and gets updated with something new every single day. Therefore there is a need to train the newcomers with updates in terms of using it in the businesses.

  • Higher Engagement Rate.

There is no bigger medium for entertainment than the internet today. And not only entertainment but the engagement that you get out of the internet is also huge compared to any other medium, which is indeed a good sign in the world of digital marketing.

  • Support of Government.

Last point but not the least, is the support of the government to digitalization. There is so much funding available for start-ups and digital projects from the government which is indeed very supportive to make progress in the field of digital marketing.

The project of government called Digital India supports the businesses which are into the digital field making remarkable success. The aim of the government behind this project is to empower

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