Pinterest has now introduced a new concept – the Pinterest secret boards! With Secret Boards, you can now easily plan your events, keep track of holiday gifts and curtain all those ideas and party décor that you want to hide from everyone. Pinterest, after the new launch, said that currently each user has been given three secret boards for the holidays.

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According to the official blog of Pinterest, the new feature is in its testing stage and is subject to change. Also, the users are welcome to provide their feedbacks which might lead to significant changes during the testing period.

The launch of the Secret Board was scheduled for this time of year so that the users can make the best out of it by secretly pinning their recipe ideas, outfits, makeup tricks, how-to-have-perfect-sex-guide or maintain a private collection of snapshots for the upcoming holiday season.

It will also let users pin their secret interests without others knowing about it and this way there will be no fear of judgment about what people will think of you after looking at your pins. So you can go and pin your obsessions and private dating ideas or you can also use it to collect ideas and plans that will benefit your business or private life in some way. It will be a good way to keep your secret interests to yourself while you pin the wildest of obsessions into your account.

Companies might use it for planning and collection of knowledge resources, which later might be used to create well-planned boards. So, what are your ideas for using your secret boards???

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