Launch strategies for your mobile app

With the limitless number of apps in the market, it sometimes becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd and not be ‘just another’ app. Having a successful launch strategy gives your app the advantage of having a pole position from its very start. In the year 2020, nearly 284 billion apps were downloaded. There’s an ocean of apps under our feet, and if your app launch doesn’t make the cut, it’s the easiest way for things to go wrong and sink.

How do I promote my mobile application launch?

There are two phases of any app launch, the pre-launch phase, and the launch phase. Let’s begin by taking a look at what the pre-launch phase entitles and how it can benefit your app launch. 

Research the market

Are you the only app of your kind in the market? What is your app’s competitor? How much space in the market is there for your app? Is there a scope for doing things differently? These are the questions you should be asking when researching the market. 

Test the prototype

Create a closed focus group and have them use your app. See how they respond to it. Does the app match their expectations? All this feedback is necessary for knowing if your app is ready to launch. This kind of early information lets you adapt the app before it reaches the market so that you have a ready product with zero glitches. 

Select the right KPIs

Enable app analytics and have your focus group use the app. Collect valuable response data and feedback and use it to understand your user base. Single out the features that gather the most interest. Back out the features that are not as widely used. Use this time to create user paths that bring users where they will get more interest. 

Create a landing page

Your app needs a landing page so that users looking for similar apps can find you online on their computer. Your app should be linked to your website, with all the information about the app. Having a website allows you to engage with app users and gives them a point of contact to reach out to you.

Create a video

Videos work great for introducing apps. You can upload these videos on google and social media to promote your app. Videos can be more compelling than ads. It offers a graphic representation of your app, explaining to customers just what your app can achieve using visuals. 

Extend your network

Speak to everyone you know in the world of magazines and tech. Maybe you can get a paid review of your app. Try your best to give your app a positive image and introduce it to as many people as possible. 

Work on positive reviews pronto

 I cannot stress how important positive reviews are when it comes to launching an app. Encourage your team and known users to try your app and leave favorable reviews. Offer early promoters of your app extra benefits or points

Have a marketing plan

Don’t wait until the last minute to create a marketing plan. Spread awareness about the app by hosting online and offline and online activities. Explore channels that you can market it on, be it video, e-magazines, or more. Brainstorm on how you want to bring this app into the world. 

Go social for your app

It’s amazing how many people are willing to click on ads that they see on social media to reach the app store. Social media marketing offers a number of ways to market and socialize with users for your app. Create a page on different platforms and plan the type of ads you plan to use. 

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