Instagram changed its logo last week and are we happy about it?


There was a lot of buff over the social channels about the change – people were freaking out over the idea that the ‘old time camera’ look icon was finally ditched.

But then, times are changing and so should we. The new logo caters to the current web visual appeal and aesthetic and works well for its growing community of visual artists, digital freaks, brands, celebrities and above all tons of ‘Teens’ who love Instagram as their favorite social media channel.

The new logo no doubt is jazzy and the video on the Instagram site shows the thought process that went behind constructing the same. It’s bright and resembles the digital world camera.

But then we are also a part of the social community who hates changes, especially in the interfaces, designs, and logos. The old logo with the leather-clad vintage camera icon and warmer color tones had ruled the hearts of many for five years. With it, it made more sense to what Instagram was all about: taking pictures and filters for making the pictures look old fashioned and the new logo design throws skeuomorphism in favor of flat and simple graphical design.

Sometimes the apps which have so much of an impact in our daily lives change something so fundamental like their logo without any warning or pre-information, surely makes you feel disappointed and thus results in an outrage. It only shows that modern consumers/followers want to be a part of the brand rather than stay under the dictating world and no doubt, this expectation to a large extent is not wrong.

Having said that, understanding that with the changing digitalization and technology world, the camera that we knew once is no longer used now and the ‘new logo’ is yet another updated version of how we see the world today.

Changes are hard to accept but then over time, we get used to it.

What’s your take over the new logo change, do share with us!

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