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If you are into social media from a little long, then you must know how hard it is to create a genuine follower base and things need to be done for relatable content creation. Then you must be, also, knowing about what kind of social media crisis comes along the way and how do you tackle it. Because of the social media reputation of the company or the social media reputation of an influencer is what is counts in their success and genuine fan base.

social media crisis

Since every business has its own crisis regarding different factors there is a new entry called a social crisis, where there are virtual challenges that a business needs to face regarding social media to maintain the social media reputation.

Handling the social media crisis is not any less than the cold war. You should be planned and prepared enough with strategies because at this end you have no clue what’s going to come next. So being prepared all the time, with your team is the best PoA, with social media strategies. 

Now there are few platforms that offer good reach to the public and make more impact than any of the others. Such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Whereas Twitter and LinkedIn are considered as more official and trustful. 

Actual Crisis management:

So how many times have you seen people talking about mobile companies about the bad network or call drops or high rates of the internet than other service providers? 

A Lot of times!

The thing which is common among all the tweets and these posts against the companies is the people who are complaining are tagging the company page. So this is known as a crisis for that company.

Not only this there are several such examples and several attacks happened to different companies of different sectors. And to handle this, there are the most efficient ways that generally are chosen.

Mouth Marketing:

  • So now in the situation of social crisis, where a mass is talking about all the negative points of your company and you obviously can’t stop it. So this is the time you need to overcome using a word of mouth. As in any influencer or any big shot personality having a huge number of followers could talk about your company or how good your product is. And then people who follow him or trust him will get along.
  • You can ask the influencer to clear the misunderstanding that had happened back in the time and can gain the trust of the customers again. The mouth marketing policy works in case your product is a more experienced base. 

Real-time conversation:

  • The real-time conversation can happen with your clients or consumers using these social media platforms. Like you/ your company can tweet about the issue that had been raised. Or maybe you can make a video about the fact stating another side of the coin.
  • Even this helps in the social crisis. Here are a few tips for crisis management which are tested and proven to be working in real situations of crisis.

Social Media Crisis Management examples and tips:

  1. Get your crew together to think about the solution.
  2. Define the ‘Crisis’, as not every bad news can kill your reputation, to define the ‘Code Red’.
  3. Decide what will be your key message to people?
  4. Create and follow the communication guidelines. 
  5. Monitor your updates and the reaction of mass over it. 
  6. After the crisis is done, make an analysis of the brand impact.
  7. Also, analyze the response of people of your actions.
  8. Prepare your team for long term plans and update your plans for crisis management. 

For Twitter:

Make use of trending hashtags and that will make you reach a large number of people. But the hashtag that you are using should be relatable to the issue that you are talking about.

For LinkedIn:

The social crisis is better solved on Twitter and LinkedIn both as to not to confuse the people in the future. So tagging the proper brand page or concerned person is necessary. Don’t involve people by tagging if they have no concern with it. 


You are running some business through Youtube then it’s your platform to clear the confusion or to solve the issue, whatever it is.  Making a video about it and putting all the real information out on the internet will help you clearing your side in the crisis. Also, that action of yours would be taken as the final words as the information coming from your channel about you is most trustful. 


Whatever the issue may be, putting out a status about it on facebook will it the validation and help people to read it and get clear with the facts which will automatically be managing the crisis for you. 

These are the few ways that your social media can be a tool to manage the business crisis for you. As in the era of social networking, you can make smart use of social media platforms and get your work done, whatsoever. So make smart choices to fight the social business crisis and let us know in the comment section below what are your strategies to handle the social crisis?

  1. It depends upon the way social media is managed.

  2. Yes true that. Although using the tools will help you to open new doors.

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