Facebook Locations on Facebook Parent-Child for franchise 

We have been working with a lot of brands and often local business with franchise model face a common problem of creating multiple pages for each franchise.

Common Dilemma:

The common question by brands is – whether they should create single brand page OR should they create independent Facebook pages for each location. There are pros-cons for either of the side.

One Brand Page for All Locations:

This is a decision taken by many brands. One Facebook page helps in centralized communication. It saves the resources, efforts and energy to manage the page. Huge savings happens as you need to invest for advertisements of single page.

However the limitations comes in communication of the messages. To give an example, we are working with a Pest control company in United States. They have got 15+ locations. Initially we had a single page for them but then we realized the limitations of sharing branch specific deals. United states is spread horizontally and hence the climatic conditions are different and hence the pest problems in each locations vary a lot. From users’ interest perspective, sharing any one location specific pest problems was not a good idea either.

Hence we needed specific page for each location.

Multiple Pages for Each Location/Franchise

Having different pages for every branch/franchise so that we can share location specific deals and or news. However, companies still want it to be communicated to audience that we have got multiple branches, however independent Facebook pages cannot communicate the same.

Facebook last year introduced a feature called Facebook Parent-Child relationship which later has been renamed as Facebook Locations.

In next post, I will explain the process of setting up Facebook locations.


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