Digital Strategy for Gym owners

Covid has reshaped the fitness industry as many gyms were closed during the pandemic. Now, as businesses begin to once again open their doors to customers, the gym industry is again gaining speed.  

The gym industry will need a different Digital Strategy to get back customers, post the pandemic. Let’s look at some ways that businesses can go about this by using digital marketing as a primary means to attract and retain customers. 

Post-lockdown marketing tips for gyms

Getting gym memberships back to their previous numbers will require some ingenious digital-led execution. To increase numbers back to their original following, gyms will need to reach out to consumers via digital and social media. here’s how:

1. Create content to suit the consumer evaluation criteria

There are numerous criteria that a gym consumer looks for when choosing which gym to purchase a membership from. These criteria may include the

             i. Type of equipment,

             ii. Quality of workouts

             iii. Location of the gym 

             iv. Trainers and faculty

             v. The community feels that the gym provides. 

Use these criteria to create online content and with time new and previous members will be flocking to your gym. 

2. Have a strong remarketing agenda

During the pandemic, we’re sure that you lost customers who had signed up for a membership but could not use it. These customers may have canceled their subscription to the gym. If you still have these leads, a remarketing strategy can help you gain back these customers by targeting them on search engines and social media. 

3. Fitness streaming service – a virtual community

Before covid, it was estimated that only 8% of fitness-conscious people would attend fitness streaming services. During the lockdown, this number has reached 80%. Fitness streaming services are a good way to market to customers by first introducing your workout at home, and then inviting them to join your gym. 

4. Take advantage of targeting on social media

Social media advertising and paid promotions can target customers who are into fitness workouts with needle precision. This is a good way to promote your social media presence and eventually improve your clout in the gym industry.

5. Use social media to get creative

Connect and inspire people on social media. Social media is full of videos and pictures depicting workouts from your members. Use this media to promote your brand by sharing this content on your social media pages. Social media can also be used to promote diets and workout routines. The idea is to keep your audience engaged with fitness and motivate them to buy your membership.

6. Create a tech-savvy landing page

Promote your gym, its special workouts, promotions, offers, and more on a tech-savvy- landing page that is seamlessly integrated. Gather leads from these pages and let them opt in to watch live sessions of your gym workouts. You can also use this page to gather leads seamlessly and have them opt-in for your email marketing. 

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7. Take mailer marketing seriously

After users opt-in to get more information from your gym, tempt them with the latest promotions and offers. Create content that adds value to your consumers’ life, while keeping a focus on gaining memberships. The email marketing should be properly coordinated to effortlessly channel new leads from your landing page to your gym. 

8. Create a cohesive social media experience

People often toggle between one social media platform to another. This online behavior can help you create your brand’s presence across numerous channels on social media. For example, a user may see your post on Facebook, and search for your brand on Instagram. Some social media platforms are more in use than others for an audience in the fitness world. Use cross-marketing on platforms to gain more customers across social media channels. 

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