B2B Marketing Automation Use Cases

In business, preparation is the first half of getting the job done. Automation is key to having a successful campaign, be it for lead generation, lead nurturing, or getting people to make an action that benefits your business.

Many businesses try marketing automation, however, success is not guaranteed to all. This may be because of unengaging content, an ambiguous marketing funnel, poor lead tracking or not being able to track leads as the campaign begins to taper upwards. 

Lead generation use case for B2B marketing automation

Automating a lead generation campaign lets you create a funnel that directs prospects to your sales team within a prescribed time frame. Provided that the lead funnel is precisely directed and has engaging content, this is the best method to scale up your business. With lead generation automation you can speak to prospects who show interest in your product, before a formal introduction of them speaking to your sales team.  

Use case: Online registration

Example: Using automation for registration on your website or landing page gives you a chance to capture leads who show early stages of interest. For websites, you can create multiple prompts based on the type of page that a user is surfing through. 

Use case: Reminders to use the B2B product

Example: Sometimes a person may register for your product but not open it for a prolonged period. In this case, it’s a good idea to create prompts that encourage users to try your service or contact you to experience your B2B offering first hand. 

User case: Conversion directed activities

Example: Conversion-directed activities are those automation campaigns that aim to convert a prospect into a customer at the very end of the sales funnel. This use case is used after the prospect is familiar with your B2B product and is at the final stage of talks with your business.

Use case: Integrated website activity

Example: In this use case, you can create page pop-ups that coincide with the page that a user is on. This is the best way to offer a product on your website based on the page that a visitor shows interest in. 

Use case: Nurturing leads using Push notifications

Example: Push Notifications are a good way to remind prospects about your B2B service and introduce users to the latest updates from your business. Push notifications can be used to upsell a product or service. 

Use case: Live chat on the website

Example: A live chat on a website is a wonderful way to capture leads as new prospects surf your page. A live chat should be used to capture lead data that can be used for an email campaign or a call from your sales team. 

Use case: Onboarding campaigns for trial users

Example: Sometimes a visitor may register for your product, but in the coming days forget all about it. Sometimes a user may download the free version and may not be aware of the benefits of the paid version. In this use case, an onboarding campaign may be the best way to remind users of your offering and get the best of your services. 

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