Klout is a service that uses proprietary algorithms to measure and rank the social media influence of web surfers. Algorithms scour Twitter feeds, FB, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media websites and compute a score or rank indicating one’s social influence by analyzing social media data.  Below are 5 good reasons about why Klout score matters:

#1. Not Perfect Yet But Still A Score

Klout score is the first attempt to measure and quantify a hitherto intangible concept- social influence. It may not be perfect but Klout has revolutionized business promotion, marketing and brand building on the Internet.

Targeting individuals with high scores are just one way of taking advantage of Klout. Analyzing trends, identifying characteristics of target groups, approaching individuals steadily improving their Klout scores for feedback and reviews- businesses adopting a holistic approach towards online marketing can make good use of Klout scores- both low and high.

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#2. Social Media Surfers – Some Are More Equal Than Others

Not everybody shares the same clout on the Internet. An individual who has assiduously built up a huge contact base online will obviously enjoy better influence over a wider audience as compared to a first time blogger. The Klout score helps identify those whose opinions carry more weight with other surfers.

#3. Better ROI For Marketing And Promotional Efforts

Companies pay millions of dollars for prime time SuperBowl TV slots. A full-page ad in the NYT costs many times the cost of advertising in a local tabloid. Instead, A Klout score is very well defined to find out the influencers. Brands will go out of the way to keep such influencers happy to generate positive comments or favorable feedback.

It is a win-win situation for brands and customers alike. A person with a high Klout score will do all that is necessary to sustain influence, respect, and social contacts. He or she will be an excellent source of reliable feedback for other connected individuals.

#4. Perfect For Micro Targeting & Local Marketing

Klout is three years old and there is a lot of scope for innovations and improvements. Scores can be categorized on the basis of age, income, gender, occupation, location, political leanings and so on. A firm selling cosmetics will focus on teenage girls living in urban centers with a high Klout score. Social networking has become a part of our daily routine today. Quantifying one’s influence only helps extract more out of one’s efforts at gaining influence.

#5. Employers, Dating Sites, VCs- Everybody Looks For A High Score

Marketing agencies are looking for employees with high Klout scores. VCs are preferring startups that have worked on its social influential online. Even dating sites are hooking up individuals on the basis of their similar Klout scores. People have understood the benefits of measuring social influence and a person without influence on the Internet will definitely lose out in the long run.

The concept of measuring one’s social influence may seem obnoxious but the paradigm shift has already taken place. Klout scores are here to stay and one must choose to act accordingly

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