A huge network of 900 million* users will definitely lure any marketer to use it as a marketing channel. Facebook has been so far very conscious to maintain the thin line between a place for social hung-out and Marketing Avenue.
The only place where brands can actually interact with users/customers is the ‘Fan Page’, where users ‘LIKE’ the page to present their interest.

*Source: Facebook

Likes are not ‘LIKES’

Wait… but do those ‘LIKES’ are the real ‘likings to the page’??

Unfortunately, there is a big GAP between the ‘Likes’ and actual fans for the brand. Marketers treated the ‘Likes’ as an ‘opt-in’. This led to a mismatch in terms of user demands and marketers offerings. The measurement of success of a campaign was merely limited to the number of fans, which was a false representation for any brand.

Recently facebook took a wise move to introduce ‘Clicks to Actions’ concept, which helped brands to practically execute the AIDA principle. (AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Actions)

Facebook Clicks to Actions SocialChamps

Facebook Clicks to Actions

Facebook is opening up its API’s access for advertisers to see post-click actions. This is the crux of ‘Click to Actions’. Your click is not the end of the story. Rather, it forms the beginning of your relationship with the marketer. Your ‘click’ will lead to ‘Actions’ like Wall posts, offers, requests for feedback, discount coupons, and so on. As a natural extension of the concept of ‘Clicks to Actions’, actions can be anything like cooking a recipe, reading a book, listening to music, etc.

Numbers Tell The Story Now

numbers stat

Emphasis on ‘Clicks To Actions’ has brought about a huge change in the analysis of FB metrics. Instead of a single figure indicating 3500 Likes, marketers now have access to details like

  • Number of clicks
  • Instances where the client went ahead and acted on the click
  • Ads spent
  • Click Through Ratio (CTR)
  • Overall social reach and the total number of users targeted by the ad or page

What’s the results:

It has opened a whole new way to re-think and plan the strategies. At SocialChamps, now we brainstorm, think, analyze and plan about what clicks to actions are desired and how specific campaigns can help us achieve the same.
And furthermore, now measurement is even better as we can check if our targeted campaigns are able to trigger the planned action.

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