The market is full of businesses that wish to use B2B marketing to reach their customers but don’t know how to do so. B2B marketing automation takes away the strain of having a huge workforce of individuals who need the time, resources, and energy to manually follow up on clients.

Instead, a business that has B2B marketing automation has its marketing funnel already defined, to send automated messages that channel leads into the sales process. 

What are B2B Marketing Automation Use Cases?

For those who are unacquainted, a B2B marketing automation use case is when a business reaches out to leads/prospects with a canned response at a crucial moment. This happens when the business’s online intelligence is informed that a lead has made an action that could lead to a sale. 

Below you will find some examples of automation use cases that are commonly used by businesses to funnel leads. 

Page visits from new leads 

If a new lead has made more than one visit to your website in a few days, this could mean that the lead is ready to make a purchase and is looking at competitors for the best service or price. This is an opportune time to send an automated email to the prospect. 

Contract renewals 

As a business reaches the end of its contract with you, it begins to look out for other options. That’s why it’s an important time for a company to send an automated message with its pros highlighted and renew a company’s interest in its product. 

Reduce churn rate 

Churn rate is the ratio of the total number of subscribers that did not renew their subscription or contract at the end of the month. Sending an automated message regularly can help reduce the churn rate of a business. 

An empty cart message to leads 

If your B2B leads are inactive for a specified period of time you can send a message that reminds them that their cart is empty. To make an empty cart message even more interesting, add the latest deals and updates from your company. 

Automated newsletter

If your clients are in the same industry as yours create a newsletter of the latest happenings that can be automated to be sent to your leads. Sending a newsletter and the latest news keeps the customer’s memory of your company fresh in their mind. 

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