Finding the digital Northstar for your business

In the world of digital marketing, a north star guides organizations towards their future goals by evolving their transformational & digital model to suit the industrial environment. 

Northstar guides KPIs like technology strategies, organizational structure, and innovation that improve the customer experience. With the landslide changes that are happening in the digital world, organizations need to rethink their strategies and create a modern use case that is able to manage the disruptions in the market and technology.

With more businesses taking their marketing to the online space, it’s time for organizations to create an online road map for organizations to harness their digital capabilities. 

At its core, the north star helps businesses in transformational strategies and manage the competing interests within the organization. 

What is the North Star?

As an organization undergoes this evolution of digital, transformational, and organizational change, the North Star acts as a guiding point to navigate it towards its goals. The North Star of an organization acts as a guidance system that manages a business to achieve key milestones. 

Recognizing the North Star 

Identifying a business’s North Star begins with segregating departments, units, levels, and people. A business’s goal is then finalized in accordance with a timeline. Ask yourself, do these goals need to be known by all levels of the organization? Have you done a digital assessment and do all units of the organization need to be appraised of your north star requirements? The next step is to ascertain a 360-degree digital assessment that leads to a strategic road map.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is related to the digital wing of a business. It overlooks the digital capabilities of an organization and deals with the creation of different use cases that coincides with customer behavior.

The digital transformation map is closely in accordance with the overall transformation roadmap. Design thinking is applied to an organization in order to create use cases that result in a better user experience. The digital transformational map is a multi-generational road map that spans 5-10 or 15 years depending on the organization’s requirements. 

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