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      Anjela Katie

      According to you, which one is better, content or backlinks?

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      A quality content considered as a good source of a backlink/outbound links. A good content helps to create a good backlink itself. So in my preference, a good content is first priority than later.

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      Both have its own importance and both are non-ignorable. High-quality content is must as this will provide you a huge amount of backlinks itself. A high amount of backlink will lead higher ranking. High content will increase your traffic. So both are really important.

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      Recently The Search Engine Journal has reported that Google is involving machine learning algorithms aggressively in their core algorithms. Means, backlink might get obsolete in one or two decades in my opinion. You can read their blog here.

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      Both are very important for SEO. The content is king and backlinks help you to get traffic to your website.

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      The quality content is the most important part which helps to get a good source of traffic and backlinks to the website. So both are important.

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      I have been using internet marketing to promote most of my websites. However, over the years things have changed and now internet marketing is not the same as how it used to be before.


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      When i was working on ranking my website NetGuru, i used only quality content for boosting positions in Google search results. It worked very well.

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      You will not get any price for guesses. It is always content. Content helps you generate traffic for a longer term and create backlinks for you. Content optimize itself and generate enough traffic than backlinks. It increases your website or blog value.

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      Content is so much important for SEO. High quality content is the content that is original and unique. After the recent penguin update in Google algorithm it is the original content plays an important role in ranking a website in search engines. The site with a duplicated content is pushed down to Google in terms of keyword ranking.

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      Content is the the key in SEO. More than backlinks , a quality content can drag good traffic and can attaining high in SERP

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      Both is important. I invest much into high quality content with infographic and beautiful chart then see backlink gain very well.

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      WebXeros Solutions

      I Think both equally matters. Backlinks to a webpage which is not having good content is a waste. Also, content without backlinks may not get the desired reach.

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      For a good structure that is prioritizing for content then focus on the internal link, all will automatically give backlinks manually. So SEO the conclusion is prioritizing content then backlinks

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      Both are critical for SEO. The content is the main factor of a site and backlinks help you to get traffic to your site. If you need to see how to do it please

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      Backlinks are web links from a web page, back to your own web page or web site.
      We can call backlinks as Inbound links and Incoming Links.

      We do have 2 types of backlinks:
      1. Nofollow link
      2. Dofollow links

      The link we give to an external link (Another Website link) known as Banklink

      Backlinks are very important for SEO in order to get a better rank in SERP pages.
      Acquiring backlinks is a very crucial aspect of off-site SEO.


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      If you are creating more links rather than puting quality content on page, you website will not rank well. Content should be first prefernce for me for ranking any website after that quality backlinks not in quantity.
      Content is King

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      As coming to me I always prefer Content, because “Content is the King”
      without useful content, it is hard to get backlinks for your website. While submitting your site to another, you need to have informatic content which is related to your website, by the quality of your content only you will get the backlinks from quality websites.

      So make sure your Content is Strong and unique.


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      Both content and backlinks are important factors to improve the ranking of a website.

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      Both Content and Backlinks are important in SEO. according to me content is little bit more important than backlinks because content is a king in these days without content we can’t do anything.

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      I hope you know. Content is king of SEO and Backlinks are links which describe the status of your site to search engine. Both things are best.

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      Which one is better, content or backlinks?

      Both content and backlinks are equally important when it comes to ranking in SERP. Quality content is an effective on-page SEO technique that attracts scores of searchers and improves their user experience, which ultimately boosts your SERP ranking. Good content will additionally generate a higher number of backlinks from other websites, which will also improve your ranking. An increased number of the relevant backlink is an off-page SEO strategy that will create higher traffic for your webpage. In practical terms, good content will improve user experience, generate backlinks, and these backlinks will help you rank your site higher on SERP.

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      I think content is the important thing that helps to increase the traffic of the website.

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      Both have their own values in SEO. Content is King in SEO and backlinks help to boost up your website traffic. If you write high-quality content for your website it will help your website to get ranked easily in Google.

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      Both content and backlinks plays important role to get better ranking in search engine results page. Creating meaningful & fresh content is mandatory and also that Good content helps to stay the lead on page.

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      Backlinks are important to help you rank, But content works across all channels from PPC to SEO, media coverage, and referral traffic.

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      To achieve the best SEO results, it’s important to focus on both content and backlinks. High-quality content will attract natural backlinks as other websites find your content valuable and link to it. On the other hand, having a strong backlink profile can enhance the visibility and authority of your content, helping it rank higher in search results.
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