In India, for 99% of people, cricket is a religion and Sachin Tendulkar is God. Most people love to watch cricket live and cheer for their idols.
Cricket-fans, especially Sachinsts in #Socialchamps, got a chance to watch cricket cheer for their idol on 11 May 2013 during an Indian Premier League (IPL) match between Mumbai Indians and Pune Warriors. #SocialchampsAtIPL

#Socialchamps At IPL
The Champs were enjoying every moment of the match. However, the moment Sachin entered, it was time for euphoria, excitement, cheers, and passion.
Chants of “Sachin! Sachin!” echoed in the Stadium. Champs raised a huge sign showing support for Sachin and hoisted it.
Sachin played some mind-blowing cricket shots but in about 20 minutes, he was out. However, the support and passion for Sachin did not die at all. Sachinsts not only in the team of SocialChamps but also in the amphitheater continued to cheer for him.
Finally, Mumbai Indians won the match and crowd cheered so loud that there been a roof on the stadium, it would be blown up in the sky.
For every Champ in the team, this was an experience of a lifetime. All of them cherished every single moment. Along with the game, the photo session was enjoyed by champs equally.
Have you ever been to any IPL match? Narrate your experience of watching that match in your comments. by using #SocialchampsAtIPL

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