This is how we support World No Tobacco Day at SocialChamps.

Gautam Buddha said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Everyone is aware of the benefits of good health and many of us are always trying to keep it up and improve. To have wealth in life, you must earn good health first. 31st May is the day that reminds us of how important our life is. It’s World No Tobacco Day or Anti-Tobacco Day.

We at SocialChamps always try to make our clients and employees aware of the effects of tobacco use because everyone with us is one big family and we do care about them.

Really, tobacco and Nicotine which cause various types of cancers and many other diseases are harmful to life. Do we really need to risk our lives for minutes of fun and imaginary relaxation?

There is no better place than Social Media to spread communication. Hence this World No Tobacco Day, we planned some interesting communication for our clients…

Our creative team at SocialChamps always thrives to create beautiful and meaningful pictures and posts for our clients that make thousands of people think about the causes.

Here are some of them for the World No Tobacco Day…

Our thoughtful Social Media Associate Kailash ideated this meaningful design and caption and our passionate Graphic Designer Yogesh picturized it with a creative mind.

Our balanced creative designer Madhura created this one, really astonishing.

Stop before it kills you, can you see that smokey heart in the picture? Are you still doing this? Well, we think it’s right time to throw away that cigarette. Created by Sukanya and Sneha. Yes, ladies of SocialChamps are really experimental and they never disappoint us.

Archit, our innovative social media expert always thinks something different and yes, he really proved himself awesome this time too.

So, don’t just vape, celebrate World No Tobacco Day with a resolution of quitting tobacco today, if you are still using tobacco in any or other forms…

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  1. this article is very good.Every time thinking quitting tobacco but i am failed. this time take strong resolution.

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