Since long, Instagram has been noticing its influencers trying to make money by putting a “purchase/buy link” in the product description/images. As a result, the social media platform is now all geared up to make the shopping experience easier for all its users.

Shoppable Instagram

Instagram recently announced the release of its new feature that will increase the social revenue of brands and make the buying/selling process much easier and efficient. With this feature, a brand can add product description and purchasing options directly into Instagram posts.

To start with, selected iOS users will be able to see a white icon for the shoppable photos displayed on the lower left corner. On tapping it, the items that are available for purchase will be highlighted and on clicking the item, it will take you to the product description page. To purchase the item, one has to click a link leading to a retailer’s website.

mobile screenshot

Till date, Instagram allowed brands to promote products using an ad format, but with the new shopping feature, brands will have an option to tag a maximum of five products within their posts for purchase. These tagged products will provide the potential customers detailed product description, prices, additional photos and the option to purchase the product – all inside the platform.

A glimpse into Instagram’s e-commerce future:

Instagram’s user base is highly engaged and interactive with top brands. With social media being at the center of driving brand/product awareness, a simple Instagram post can be very influential for an individual to try a new product.

Lack of detail, product clarity, technical difficulties, slow loading times, need to switch browsers are the main reasons why consumers don’t follow through with a digital sale. But with in-app Instagram browser, which will load much quicker taking interested shopper directly to the product landing page, resulting in more revenue and higher conversion rates for brands.

It will not only be more convenient for users to make purchases now but will also serve in building brand advocacy instead of relying on peers and becoming self-assured while buying a product.


Instagram has done a great job in helping its community find products they love by allowing them to shop directly from their feed. It is also working towards redefining the shopping journey and is considering to introduce a “save button” which will create a virtual shopping cart to save the products they are interested in or intend to buy.

Seems the beginning of a new age of Social commerce!

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