Drip Marketing

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip Marketing is a strategic plan of communicating information about a company/product/service through a steady stream of messages in the form of emails, phone calls, social media posts, newsletters, etc.

This exposes the prospect clients to the drips of relevant information at the right time. In most of the cases, drip marketing uses services to allow companies to send responses automatically based on the customer interest on specific information.

Key Factors to consider for setting the momentum of drip marketing:

  • Actions of the customer
  • Time Intervals
  • The right information at the right time

Drip Marketing focuses on giving customers the information they need on a regular basis without overdoing it.

Types of Drip Campaigns:

With a number of applications available today, sales teams are only limited by their creativity in implementing the drip campaigns. Some of the drip campaigns being:

  • Educational Drips: Also known as lead nurturing, these drips give relevant information to your customers/prospects and prepares them to make a purchase/decision.
  • Promotional drips: These drips attract prospects with limited period promotions, offers, and discounts.
  • Re-engagement drips: These drips re-engage with the colder leads and re-introduce them to the sales cycle.
  • Training drips: These include how-to information for new customers.
  • Top-of-mind drips: These drips help in engaging with your customer/prospects throughout the sales cycle.
  • Competitive drips: These drips target customers who are currently doing business with your competitors in order to convert them into your prospects.
Benefits of Drip Marketing:

Though the existing manual email campaigns may be giving you great results, it is worth exploring the power of drip marketing. Here’s why:

  • Creating and nurturing leads: One of the main purposes of drip marketing is to nurture early-stage leads until they become sales ready. It provides a continuous supply of leads in various stages of the sales process, thus helping in maximizing your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Automated Triggers: If a prospect watches a video on your website, it automatically triggers a thanking email for checking the product/service and follows up with some more valuable information.Automated email programs
  • Working Smart: Drip marketing, with its automated processes, frees up resources and saves time spent in making sales pitches. It eliminates the need to track the stage of each deal in the sales cycle and supports the sales team to concentrate more on closing deals
  • Relevance: The drip campaigns help you deliver the right information at the right time without overdoing and annoying your customers/prospects.

Drip Marketing is the bonding of email and a highly structured sales process. These campaigns allow your sales team to do more selling and less telling.

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