Having trouble scheduling tweets in advance? Then look no further, this huge development in Twitter will solve all your scheduling woes. As of right now, anyone can schedule their tweets up to a year in advance on any date and time that they choose. And all this is possible on their site, Twitter.com

That’s not it, photos can also be scheduled in advance along with the tweets using Twitter’s pic.twitter.com image sharer. This new update is completely innovative, not seen even on other Twitter scheduling dashboards like Hootsuite. This long-awaited update will definitely work in Twitter’s favor and make it more user- friendly.
This development means a time to rejoice for brands and marketers, who had to depend on external dashboards to schedule their tweets in advance. A very convenient and necessary feature, Twitter has now raised its bar even higher.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use this new update:
  • Head over to ads.twitter.com and login with your Twitter account
  • Click on Creatives > Tweets > Compose Tweet
  • Click on the Scheduling tab
  • Choose the date and time you would like the tweet to be published *
  • Compose your tweet as normal
  • Click the Schedule Tweet button

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As of now, it is not clear if Twitter rolls out this functionality to partners such as Hootsuite, but right now if you want to schedule Twitter photos to go live in your stream at some point in the future you should upload it to pic.twitter.com which automatically embeds within tweets and drive higher engagement levels with users. Contrarily, on HootSuite you need to use the HootSuite image sharer, which has a negative impact on engagement rates.

Scheduling tweets by Hootsuite is not a bad idea, although this move from Twitter is certainly a threat. This latest update is much appreciated, all the while; it would certainly be an added bonus to provide the ability to edit scheduled tweets on ads.twitter.com undermining what HootSuite worked really hard to build.

Amidst all this buzz about the new Twitter scheduling feature, we still wonder why Twitter introduced it now, and not years ago?

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