In fast few years Pinterest has grown to another level by making it convenient for everyone to share pictures and links in the form of pins which triggered a huge market for a lot of businesses. To make the network more convenient to share pins, Pinterest came up with things like group boards, recipe pins, rich pin, location map, etc and now they are taking it a notch higher by rolling out a new messaging product called “Conversations”.

Pinterest Co-founder Evan Sharp says it’s not your typical messaging app: “This is not about chatting with friends,” he said. “It’s more about planning projects in your life.” In short, this feature will now help people discover more pins of their interest and understand even better with a personalized touch.

With Conversations, users can reply to a pin with a message or a pin and the conversation will be private which differentiates it from the commenting feature. Pinterest messaging is a bit different than it is on Facebook, It has less to do with catching up with friends and more to do with exploring and sharing your interests directly.


Pinterest direct message

The reach of the service is growing rapidly. Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter with more than a fifth of American adults using the service, according to the Pew Research Center. There are now more than 30 billion pins on 750 million boards, and the messaging feature will chalk out a new dimension of pin sharing on Pinterest.

If you still haven’t used Pinterest messaging, go ahead and try it and if you have, share your experience with us in the comment box below! Happy Pinning! 🙂

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