YouTube is one of the most visited website on Internet.
Every day, so many people come to watch videos. Videos from every genre and field are available on YouTube. Many times, not only videos even the channels become popular if their videos are popular.
Some YouTube channels are so popular that people eagerly wait for the new video to appear on that channel.
Some people have a huge following on their YouTube channel and they quit their jobs to record videos for their YouTube channels.
Any change on YouTube is big news in the world of Social media and in an era when many YouTube channels have become brand names, a news involving change on YouTube channels can be even bigger news.

YouTube all set to fascinate users with new look.Now very soon, the YouTube channels will have a new look that would be different from the current look.Earlier there was no banner on YouTube. But now, there is a new banner. Soon every channel will have a unique banner. For optimal results on all devices (including TV), YouTube recommends uploading a single 2120 X 1192 pixels image that has been optimized to fit the below template:


The below slice would be your desktop banner. Its total dimensions are 2120 X 350 pixels.

The new YouTube One Channel is only in limited beta now, but soon everyone will be able to use the new channel design. New channels on YouTube will have a flexible width on desktop, meaning that the site will scale to reveal more content on larger browser windows.
At the minimum width the channel art will be 1280 X 350 pixels. This is the “Safe area” given that text and logos will not be cut off.
At the maximum width, the channel art will be 2120 X 350 pixels. This means that the “SAFE AREA” (channel art at minimum width) will always be visible and the areas to the right and left (shown with green arrows) might be visible depending on the viewer’s browser size.

Variations in looks:
On TV, the whole image will be used!! Aspect ratio is 16:9 i.e. 2120 x 1192 pixels.
On mobile you will see the safe area scaled down to the width of the mobile screen, which would vary by device.
On tablets you will see a slightly wider slice which would be indicated by the pink box shown in the first screen-shot of this page. The aspect ratio of this slice is 1536 pixels by 350 pixels.

What can you do on the new YouTube channel?
The new change will help you in popularizing your channel. Do following things to get ready for the new YouTube:
1. Create a channel trailer to get people to subscribe
On your new channel, you can show a trailer that will only appear to viewers who are not already subscribed to your channel. With this trailer, you can let visitors know what your channel is all about and tell them why they should subscribe! Keep it short and to the point. Include a clear call to action inviting your audience to subscribe.

2. Create some channel art
Channel art is how you can express the personality of your channel wherever it is seen, whether on a mobile phone, a tablet, a TV, or in a hover card anywhere on the site!
Once you have these things done, setting up your new channel should not take more than a few minutes!
YouTube has been educating and entertaining users for years. Now with the new look, it seems that those who use YouTube for marketing are in for a good time.
What do you feel about the new look of YouTube? Post your comments.

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