Gmail Sponsored Promotion has been among the most talked advertising option offered by Google. As the product is still in BETA there had been a lot of confusions about functionality and at another end, there are a lot of questions over the performance or results of it.

What is Gmail Sponsored Promotion:

To define them in the easiest language, these are the sponsored newsletters, which can be sent to targeted users without having their database.

How to set up GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion):

As the product is still in beta, we cannot do the setup on our own. We need to get the assistance of Google representatives.

  1. Contact the Google representatives –
  2. Ask them to set-up your GSP account. (If they ask for email ID – give [email protected]), they may create a new Gmail ID as well.
  3. Google reps will do the account setup and will assist in adding funds to it.
  4. Once the account is created, we can create our own ads and campaigns.

Campaign Setup:

Campaign setup followed by the design and development of newsletter and/or landing page. Recently one of our client (A leading pest control company in the USA) requested to provide an overview of GSP for them. I thought, why not to share with all the readers interested to know more about GSP.

Campaign Targeting Options:

Demographics: (age, gender, and location)

GSP Targeting, Gmail Sponsored Promotion Targeting

Interests and keywords:

Apart from keywords based targeting, we can target people interested in specific things like Vacation Rentals, Real Estate, etc.

Interests and keywords targeting in GSP Keywords

Targeting by Jobs:

We can target people in specific jobs/professions like Real Estate Agents, Doctors, etc.

Jobs targeting on GSP

Targeting by Purchases:

Based on past purchases/interests. For example, if someone has recently bought pesticides, he might have the requirements of pest control.

Purchases Targeting GSP

Dashboard Analytics:

It gives the analytics of clicks, forwards, etc. To get the conversion data, we need to configure google analytics.

Dashboard Analytics Gmail Sponsored Promotion

Ads Display:

Ads are displayed in Gmail as follows.

Ad display GSP

When teaser ads are clicked, it opens in your Gmail like below example:

Ad display on click GSP

Interestingly, we can also provide the inbuilt form in the mail itself. Prospects can contact us directly from the embedded mail form.

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  1. What about the pricing. Is it similar to google adwords?

  2. Pricing depends on targeting. I am getting $0.02 per click and $0.34 per external click.
    Additional benefits are the mail forwards by people which gives extra exposure 🙂

  3. Its interesting, so how can this help in promoting various brands, also how different is this from Affiliate Marketing

  4. Hi Harsha,

    This is totally different from Affiliate marketing. These are similar to gmail placement ads, but it comes in the mail feed of gmail promotions tab. It appears similar to newsletters.
    Brands can use it as an alternative to newsletters, which ensures a better delivery.

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