Tradition of Navaratri Through Social Media

SocialChamps, a brand synonymous with Champions in Social Media has proved once again that they can use the power of Social Media to spread a good word. This year, the occasion of Navratri was so obvious for them to celebrate and aware people about a tradition of using colors during this festival by sharing some attractive posts which connected the importance of colors and their respective Social Media Platform. There are numerous reasons why Navratri is celebrated, and it has its own significance in different parts of India.

But why do you think colors are important in the season of Navratri?

We just celebrated the auspicious event of Navratri and everybody was very excited about this festival. During the nine days of Navratri, there’s a specific color code for each different day. Everybody dresses up in that specific color and admire the attractive costumes of each other. Each particular day is meant to worship 9 different forms of Devi Durga by using 9 different colors for each different day. Every year, these color codes are different and for the Navaratri of 2018, the color codes were unique too.

SocialChamps being an expert in Social Media Marketing decided to celebrate this festival and celebration of colors in their own style and here is how they have managed it so far.

  1. Color for the first day of Navaratri 2018 was Royal Blue which depicts strong energy and tranquillity. Facebook has that familiar Royal Blue theme, and everyone opens Facebook for at least 5-15 minutes to check whether there any new thing in the newsfeed or not. That’s what we call the charismatic energy of Facebook.

  1. Yellow was the color of the second day, it’s a vibrant color and spirits up everyone’s mood. Snapchat is an app with a yellow color and it represents happiness. Why? Open Snapchat, add a filter and get a wide smile as you deserve.

  1. Green was the color for the third day. The green color is calm, lovely and rich. WhatsApp is our go-to app and it has green a theme. Here we can see an unconditional love between mom and her daughter. This can be a chat with your loved ones as well.

  1. Grey was the color for the fourth day which shows dignity and can connect you to divine power. Most of our communication devices have Text Messaging app and the basic color it has is Grey. Even Social Media communication has entered our lives, important messages are still sent via this feature. This is how SMS is much powerful.

  1. Orange was the color of the fifth day which is dedicated to fame, name, and money, which also increases the charisma to your aura. Upcoming musicians and rising singers are using SoundCloud to get fame with their talents, aren’t they?

  1. White was the color of the Sixth day which is a symbol of peace, prayer, faith, and stability. The color denotes politeness and innocence. We use Gmail each and every day, whether it’s a client mail or your boss praising you, we are always polite and stable.

  1. Red was the color of the seventh day which is a symbol of the power, passion, and fervor. YouTube is our favorite video streaming platform with a Red theme. This platform is loved by everyone and we all love to jump directly to know more about any series, movie or quick video bite, aren’t we?

  1. Sky Blue was the color of the eighth day which represents immensity and faith. It depicts the admiration of nature’s beauty. This color helps you in gaining a chance of awareness. We all love Sky Blue colored Bird of Twitter’s logo and we all use Twitter to spread our thoughts to the world in just 280 characters. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

  1. Pink was the color of the ninth day which depicts hope and a brand new start. The pink color themed app we use to post photos and memories is Instagram. Instagram recently introduced the new IGTV feature giving an opportunity of posting long-duration videos at ease. This is the new beginning of InstaRevolution.

The whole campaign was focused to make people aware of the colors and their importance in our lives. At SocialChamps we drive every benefit of Social Media Channels in our lives and thus this campaign was pointed towards the same. Navratri brings colors to our lives and it’s the beginning of the good and demolishing every bad thing.
Overall, SocialChamps was able to send a good message through this campaign and lots of people appreciated them for the idea of connecting the 9 colors to the Social Media platforms we tend to use on daily basis.

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