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Chatkazz (Indian restaurant based on Australia)


Cricket is a religion for Indians, leveraging ICC World Cup 2015 we planned the Foodie World Cup. A contest between the food items which involved users to vote and make their favorite dish a winner.

  • Introduce new menu items to the users
  • Increase engagement

We launched the Facebook campaign inviting users to vote for their favorite dish.

  • The match schedule was created.
  • The participant had to vote for their favorite team in “Foodie World Cup”.
  • Choose their favorite team to make them win. The team who gets maximum votes will go for the next round.
  • Winning dishes of these matches moved further to semi-finals and then finals.
  • The participant with maximum right guesses wins.
7 matches, 4 winners.

fun begins

chatkazzfoodie world cup

chatkazz  masala dosa

masala dosa


The contest was well – received as food lovers voted for their favorite food and engage with Chatkazz brand. The campaign was conducted for 10 days.

Total Post Reach: 17691

Impressions: 30918

Total Interactions on the page (including likes, shares, comments, and impressions): 732

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