Every kid who operates on the internet knows what SEO is nowadays. Although the concept of SEO is as old as the internet today. People have been using the SEO techniques for reaching a new audience; bring traffic to websites and to drive growth. Of course, the entire SEO has changed a lot during the time and so is the web-behavior.

 People these days, of every age, consuming a lot of content from the internet on a daily basis. And so providing the quality & consumable content will help you to bring more traffic to your website, satisfying your goal.

On page and off page seo

There are two ways in which the SEO is done broadly, both combined gives the same results.

In order to get a higher rank in Google search, every single web page of the website is optimized to get more traffic to the website.

From the HTML coding from the source code of the website, the optimization can be done.  The technical elements and the content with the right keyword on the website help in improving the quality of the page and that eventually get the traffic on the website.

  • Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO is also called as Off-site SEO. Basically these are the efforts taken outside of your website to increase the rank of your website in SERPs.

The algorithm of the ranking for the SERPs is upgrading and changing with the requirement and development of the market. Also, Google changes the algorithm for users to have a better experience.  No matter how many times the algorithm changes, what matters, in the end, are the relevance of your writing with the topic, the trustworthiness, and authenticity of the content.

We think of nothing else than the Backlinks when it comes to the Off-Page SEO. And of course, it’s true too! The Backlink providing site should be of high standards and should have good quality content to make it help your site. 

The more links with high values you have, the more will your website rank high in Search Engine Result Page on Google or any other browser. It’s that simple.

Defined by the process of how the links are earned there are three types of links:

  1. Natural Links: These are links shared like a normally we do. For example, a fashion blogger sharing a link to the new launch of a brand or his/her favourite brand product, without any action on the page.
  1. Manual Links: These types of links are acquired through the deliberate activity of link building. The intent behind it is getting people from this platform to your blog. For example, asking some influencer to share the link of your blog or website.
  1. Self-Created Links: These kinds of links are literally self-created which means the links that are shared with blog comment signature, on various forums, or a press release with anchor text that is optimized.

Some Self-Created links can be counted in the black hat SEO, so they are questioned most of the time the search engine.

While on the other hand in On-Page SEO includes technical aspects like following;

–        Title Tags.

–        Meta Tags.

–        URL Structures.

–        Alt text for images.

–        Site speed optimization.

–        Internal Linking Structure.

–        Meta Description.

–        Mobile & Desktop Responsiveness.

Now in the case of the Off-Page SEO, there are types of backlinks you just got to know about but not all the Backlinks are taken seriously by the Google Bot. And apparently, there are the criteria that a link should follow to meet the purpose of SEO. 

  1. The popularity of the site that is getting linked should be good enough.
  2. The topic of both sites should be related. And by means of both is the site ‘from where’ the link is provided and the site ‘to which’ the link is provided.  
  3. The link that is provided should be as recent as possible. The stale link won’t work well.
  4. The linking site should have Anchor Text in it.
  5. The site should be trustworthy of the information by people.
  6. A number of other links that are attached are also an important part to give attention to. The more the number of links, the great performance will be seen.
  7. The linking domain and page should be authorized, otherwise, you have to tackle with spam link which considers as a penalty from Google and directly affect your ranking and traffic

 If the links are fitting well in this criteria then voila! There is nothing more you could ask for in SEO.

Earning external links from other relevant websites is the most basic and commonly practised tactic for the Off-Site SEO, but there are more in Off-Site SEO than only external links.

  1. Social Media Marketing.
  2. Guest Blogging.
  3. Linked and Unlinked Brand mentions.
  4. Influencer Marketing.
  5. Content Promotion

Using these techniques will take you a step ahead than other people following traditional one pattern for doing SEO. Using the external link technique is the icing on the cake the real game is still been held by the Content and the Keywords.

Although all these aspects listed are important to the On-page and Off-Page SEO, there is one more factor that can’t be neglected is content that you put up on the website because that is the only reason why the audience will come to your site repetitively.

The content could be any of the forms and the content doesn’t only mean the blogs on the website. It includes right from web copy to videos, infographics, podcasts (if you have), Whitepapers, E-books, Interviews, Case Studies, and Reviews.  All this content should be interesting, informative, and engaging. And here you have the opportunity to break the standard stereotype and develop your own style in writing and presenting.

Stay tuned for the next blog to know, ‘How Non-link related factors helps in Off-page SEO?

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