12 December 2012, a historical date and moreover it was RajniKanth’s birthday. SocialChamps’ team (aka ‘Champs’) in our office were talking about the great actor. Suddenly some-one said “Why we can’t do a campaign for Rajni Sir’s Birthday”. It was afternoon. Half-day was already gone and we had few hours to think, plan and execute the campaign. Furthermore as nothing was pre-planned, the other work-schedules were also set.
But the passionate champs planned to make it live in 10 Minute.

Twitter Campaign: #MyWish4Rajnikanth

As the decision to run the campaign was finalized, team members got onto the work. It was supposed to be a 10 minutes task, hence immediately work was divided between teams.

[pullquote style=”right”]To our surprise Indian actor Krishna Kulasekaran also found it interesting to share with his 16000+ followers.[/pullquote] Jaishri decided to get into design, Avijit took the responsibility of writing the blog post for campaign, Archana was busy in finding the influencers and meanwhile Rucha and Rushikesh created few fun tweets for campaign promotion.
The team work was so effective that campaign went live in JUST 10 MINUTES.

Results of the Campaign:

Campaign titled as #MyWish4Rajnikanth received an overwhelming response from many Rajni-fans.The campaign received 99 clicks and 77 shares on Twitter.

SocialChamps Bitly Stats

Many fans also spread the word and people thronged the Social Champs blog to wish Happy Birthday to the Tamil Mega Superstar.
According to Google Analytics, the blog post about Rajnikanth‘s birthday received 132 page-views.

Google Analytics Twitter Campaign
Many people shared, participated and retweeted the tweets of Rajnikanth birthday. To our surprise Indian actor Krishna Kulasekaran also found it interesting to share with his 16000+ followers.

KrishnaKulasekaran MyWish4RajniKanth

Tweets Twitter Campaign

It is said that Twitter follows Rajnikanth and a person can get hospitalized if Rajnikanth “Pokes” him on Facebook. The greetings and birthday wishes for Rajnikanth show that Rajnikanth may not be so popular outside South but he does have following from all over India on Internet.

[pullquote style=”right”]It is said that Twitter follows Rajnikanth and a person can get hospitalized if Rajnikanth “Pokes” him on Facebook.  :D[/pullquote]

When so many people wished him on Twitter, it can only be assumed how huge would be the chunk of greetings outside Twitter.

On Facebook, picture posts greeting Happy Birthday to Rajnikanth received a huge amount of Likes.

There is no end to the greatness of Rajni Sir. May he live long to entertain us and all his fans.


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