In our previous blog post, we explained the concept of Twitter Lead Generation Card and the procedure to create it as well as use it.
Now, as we promised, we are back again, this time, with an easy procedure of using Lead Generation Card from Twitter with MailChimp.
Using Lead Generation Card will MailChimp is really easy.

    1. To connect to your Lead Generation Card to your MailChimp account:
  1. STEP1 – Navigate to your Lists dashboard in MailChimp and choose the list you would like to connect. From within your list‘s overview page, choose List Tools. Click on Integrations link.
  2. STEP 2 – From your Twitter account, make sure that the HTTP Request method is set to “POST” (that should be the default). Paste in your Twitter Subscribe URL into the Submit URL and Fallback URL fields. Twitter also requires you to include a link to your website‘s privacy policy before you can continue.
  3. STEP 3 – After obtaining the subscribe URL in place, you need to add your list‘s ID. Twitter will send certain information to MailChimp automatically, but they also allow you to add your own hidden fields.
  4. STEP 4 – To connect your list‘s ID to the Twitter Lead Generation Card, click to create a new Hidden Field. Use id for the Key and your list-specific MailChimp ID for the Value.
    With that information, Tweeters who see your promoted tweet will be able to sign up for your list directly through Twitter.Every person who signs up using this method will be tagged with “Twitter” in your MailChimp account. This is helpful in case you want to send a segmented campaign to them later.
What marketers using Lead Generation Card should remember?
    1. In-app conversions could increase conversions rates.
      With every click they have to make, more and more users drop out of the conversion process. By making it super easy for users to hit submit on a form, many more people will be coming into the top of your marketing funnel. Keep the procedure so simple that users can finish it within as few clicks as possible. Though these leads may not be the same quality as those who fill out a longer form, you’ll be getting more leads in the door. The in-app conversion allows your content and your advertising review to work harder for you.
    2. Visuals are more important than ever.
      Visual content is essential to your success on social media. In the Lead Generation Cards, you have got 240 characters (the tweet, description, and CTA) and an image to convert someone. You can create the image on MS PowerPoint too.
    3. Make these leads count with sweet lead nurturing campaigns.
      The Lead Generation Cards only need your name, email, and Twitter handle. To get the maximum benefit from your Twitter Ads efforts, you will need to start a lead nurturing campaign to get more information from your leads and work them down your marketing funnel.At the time of this article being written, Lead Generation Card is available only to the managed clients of Twitter. In their blog post, Twitter said that they have plans to launch this Card globally and to small- and medium-sized businesses soon.

Do you think Lead Generation Card will be beneficial for Twitter marketing? When this Twitter feature opens to the public, what would you like to promote on Twitter? Post your comments.

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