We have been interacting and working with various B2B clients like ERP consultation, GRC Automation (Governance Risk Compliance) and high-end loan financing, etc. While working for each of these clients the approach and strategy had to be changed from time to time was of utmost importance as B2B transactions often revolve around various buying cycles and increase the challenges of marketing by many folds, especially when it comes to social media marketing!

With a limited user base that is further divided into two potential groups of customers – at the organizational level and buyer level, you have to be remarkably skillful and think critically to be able to amplify your brand awareness.

For successful social media marketing, you have to think beyond what your peers are thinking. Simply because every second person is present on social media, you cannot afford to decide randomly. It’s absolutely crucial that you plan out a content strategy in advance and decide on which of the social media platforms will work best for your brand.

According to research, LinkedIn is the only platform that is considered effective by 62% of B2B marketers followed by Twitter.


For successful B2B marketing through LinkedIn, three things are of utmost importance:


Besides having other profitable attributes of a social media platform, LinkedIn profiles offer good SEO and are capable of delivering first page results with relevant keywords and good profile content. And, since three-quarters of B2B purchasers are now using social media as part of the buying process, overlooking the SEO part would be a dumb idea! Sprinkling your profile with contemporary keywords will increase the chances of being visible excessively.


LinkedIn offers the option of segmenting users into groups and followers. This not only helps you find potential customers but also to target them by industry, profession, age group, company size and more. By doing reach-out rituals like re-messaging, re-targeting, your voice gets pretty familiar and trustworthy to rule the minds of your potential customers in the long run.


In 2014, LinkedIn advertising will rise to the forefront as a crucial solution to the complexity of B2B marketing. Through sponsored updates, you can now show up on Linkedin user’s status feed of updates. And, with the provision of high-quality ad units in the form of video, image & text being available, collecting leads on a site won’t be that tough this year!


Well, Twitter is another relevant platform for B2B marketing – promoting the brand, products, events, and more. Advertising on Twitter is exactly like launching a no-nonsense PPC campaign that spreads the message to the target audience in no time resulting in active participation and increased conversions. In addition to offering useful insight to your audience through Twitter marketing,  you can also design specific calls-to-action with incentives to encourage sign-up.

In a nutshell, B2B Twitter marketing not only boosts brand awareness and site traffic but also drives useful leads. Today, acknowledging the utility of the platform, many business leaders, B2B customers, and business decision makers are coming forward to engage on Twitter. Engaging on Twitter provides them with a unique opportunity for connecting to their consumers, build relationships and convince them – all in real-time!!


In addition to this, there are a couple of other things that are useful for B2B social media marketing. Webinars/hangouts, case studies, white paper, nurturing leads through e-mail marketing and using metrics to constantly improve and drive results are some of the best means of lending your social media marketing strategies a new-found efficacy in today’s digital world.

Nevertheless, one of the hardest facts of B2B marketing is that not everyone makes purchasing decisions and gets influenced in a typical way. Hence, keeping up sales for a brand won’t be that easy unless you choose relevant B2B marketing strategies that are assiduously tailored to convince different buyer personas!

We’d like to learn what type of content ideas you think work best for B2B social media marketing. You can add any of your views/experiences by leaving a comment. Let’s see how your angle of thinking adds up a new approach on the subject, different from what we have forwarded!!

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