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      Not a single reason can be treated as responsible behind your website down. The first need to rank for your Dubai based business is to have a well-optimized and SEO-Friendly website. If you are thinking to re-build your SEO campaign, then prioritize on on-page strategy first. In the year 2020, the provider of SEO Service Dubai is supposed to work on the on-page Seo.
      Here’s what you need to work with SEO:
      • SEO Friendly design
      • Easy Navigation
      • Content Optimization
      • Online Strategies
      Here are important on-page SEO strategies:
      • Publish high-quality content
      • Optimize page title and meta descriptions
      • Optimize page content
      • Customize headings and content formatting
      • Include images, alt tags, and similar descriptions
      • Optimize URL
      • Take care of equal usage of internal and external links

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      Before coming to any conclusion you should know about the technical parameter of the website including the website audit in which you will get complete audit information about your website including 404 error, 501, loading speed, content gap, keyword research, etc . You have to fix those bugs and then you can see some changes in your current website which will start ranking for xyz keywords. Also you have to focus on link building which means quality link building where you will get dofollow link for high DA site above 50.

      Hope this will help you!

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