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    When I learning about the way to rank Keyword on SERP, One term has crossed many times “USE LONG TAIL KEYWORD”. Here My doubt is Why long tail keyword more SEO worthy than short-tail? and Is any new practice I need to follow to Change my website keywords from Short Tail to Long Tail?

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    Long tail keywords are more helpful than general keywords to get traffics, so they are more specific to the searchers needs. People who arrived on your site from long tail keywords are most likely on your site because you offer exactly what they are looking for. Long-tail keywords have less competition than generic keywords. We can easily get rank by long-tail keywords.

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    Yes, to put a few more words to Glenn’s answer, the “tail” comes from the distribution of searches as he pictured above.

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    Long tail keywords are more helpful than general keywords to get traffics, so they are more specific to the searchers needs.

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    In my opinion, the age of both long tail and short tail keywords are over. in 2015 Google rolled out their sophisticated AI technology called’Rank brain’.According to google the Rank brain is learning a new search query every second. And this will allows it to learns the exact human language.Now It gives more importance to human readability and emotional keywords. including Medium tail keywords and optimizing content for human readability and understanding is the best way to rank better in SERP. And It also look for the CTR, page dwell time and other factors to rank pages.

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    Currently, Google is experimenting with phrase searches instead of keyword-based searches as an ongoing progress of voice searching is taking place. Also, you could funnel the search into the most specific service you offer.

    If your business service in a specific location, one tip you could focus into when searching for long tail keywords is the inclusion of the location in your keywords as it gives the ability to rank better in local searches thus enabling you to be found first and fast.

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    It is very true that using long tail keywords is more seo worthy than short tail.Because, shorter the keywords, is the higher the search volume and also its competition is really very high. But,SEO needs a lower search volume and competition. So, its better to use a long tail keywords in SEO. You will get more information from

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    Long tail keywords gives more targeted search results, less competition and are much more profitable as well as beneficial for organic search results. So because of these reasons, long tail keywords are more SEO worthy than the short tail.

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    We can easily rank with long tail keywords. Because the competition is low or medium on long tail keywords rather than short tail keywords. So, that’s why long tail keywords are more SEO worthy than short tail keywords.

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    Mikena Karl

    Long tail keywords are those three and four catchphrase phrases which are, quite certain to whatever you are moving. … The long tail is appealing in light of the fact that usually less focused and therefore simpler to rank for. Individuals additionally like a long tail on the grounds that the clients ordinarily has a superior thought of what they are searching for.

    When it comes to on-page SEO, keywords are the biggest factor in … Long tail keywords are obviously a lot more specific than short tail …

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    WebXeros Solutions

    Long tail keywords are more specific to the search and these keywords target more targetted and unique traffic. These keywords are less competitive and can be easily ranked.

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    A long tail keyword is more specific to the search result and brings more traffic to your site.

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    if you are trying to drive a lot of traffic to your site, you should use short tail keywords. The challenge here is that if your site is “new” or if your search efforts are just beginning you are getting at the back of a very long line.
    Long tail keywords are like a bear in the forest. They can lie dormant for a while but when they are used they are typically quite deadly. Like the bear in the forest, there isn’t too much else that competes with these keywords as you’ll see.

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    Its because mostly what people search are long-tail keywords, for example, if you want to learn how to make homemade french fries, you will search “How to make homemade french fries” and probably not “homemade french fries”. As you can see the long-tail keyword is more focused and specific on what user needs. That’s the main reason why long-tail keywords are prefered more.

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    using Long-tail keywords is a good idea because long-tail keywords having less competition and these keywords provide more accurate search results. if you have long-tail keywords in your page or content your page have a more chance to reach higher ranking in search engine results page.

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